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Observations in and around Las Vegas.

Blinkin' Sign?

For weeks (months?) now, sidewalk superintendents have been watching the slow progress on what looks increasingly like a new electronic sign on the SW corner of  Mills and Grand.  With wide screen sign boards and a massive top knot, the thing seems to be complete.  Now we can wait to see what new information it can give us!

Scoreboard Sez . . .

The scoreboard on the now-empty football stadium at Robertson reads Home 34 visitors 7.  That's the story.

Buildings Gone

Readers were advised nearly three years ago to keep their eyes on the east side of Eighth Street across from the site of the new Student Union Building in case the north half of that block should suddenly become a parking lot. If you blinked recently you missed the transformation. Today a crew of city workers seemed to be checking the empty lots to be sure the utilities were safely removed. Maybe there is another explanation, but for now it looks like HU has successfully jumped the traditional campus boundary.

Weekly Optic?

Ran into an in-the-know type person on the street who said the Optic is thinking of raising the per-issue price and going weekly.

Since the radio stations get a lot of their news from the Optic, we would be left with very little access to local news.

Maybe we'll have to learn to locate press releases from our local institutions on the internet!

Missing portable restroom buildings?

March 12th Optic reported that the city council had approved the purchase of two 12-foot by 36-foot modular portable restroom buildings, essentially a trailer with several stalls, for use at the Train Robbers games and other events. Each of the portable restroom buildings costs nearly $56,000. Has anybody seen these units?

Student Center Open?

The Optic reported last week that the first floor of the new student center at Highlands was to open on Monday in time for the end of spring break.  Well, the doors were unlocked, so one could walk in the front and out the back, but the only facilities open were the book store and the "facilities."  The bagel shop, convenience store, post office, box office, and cafeteria were not yet ready for prime time.  Still, the interior of the building is impressive.   

No More Sign Trailers?

The state has installed a couple of permanent electronic signs along the Interstate near the Las Vegas exits.  Today, there was only one portable electronic sign left.  Maybe we'll get more permanent signs.  Who knows?  The message heading south was one of caution.

HU Building: Eyesore or Modernist Marvel?

Wednesday's Optic says two regents have gotten "out and about," as this forum promotes, and have discovered rusty metal plates that they don't like the look of on the new Student Union building.

Getting out and about has revealed other unfortunate things about the building right along.

Snowpack in the Gallinas Watershed

The Snowtel site at Wesner spring shows 11 inches of snow on the ground, all of it arriving between yesterday and today.  What a treat for our watershed.  Total precipitation (snow converted to water) since October 1 up there is 3.2 inches.  The snow has pretty much been melting as fast as at falls up until the current storm, but the fluctuations in the Gallinas flow have shown that snow has been falling every now and then.  

Building North and South of Las Vegas

The Las Vegas airport has sprouted its second new building, this one on the site of the old terminal. It is another steel building. Anyone know the source of funding for all this construction.

Coming back to town on CR-23 from the Wildlife Refuge, one can see a large frame building going up to the southwest near i-25. Maybe the new slaughter house?

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