Jumping into mud puddles sounds like more fun to some of us than having to deal with one of eastern New Mexico’s toughest football teams. But that was the task required of our local squads last Friday, as the rain poured down.

    After the City of Las Vegas’ Code Enforcement Division received complaints about overgrown shrubbery and trash in the yard of a home located on the southwest corner of Sapello and Chavez streets, Levy (he pronounces his name “LEE-vigh) Lujan took action. After making considerable progress outside the structure, a social media video showed how much the corner benefitted from the clean-up.

  • Letter to the Editor, Sunday, Sept. 2, 2018.

  • By Dr. José Armas

    Our legislative and executive branch have been failing our children year, after year, decade after decade. The Latino Education Task Force sounded the alarm for 13 years.

    After being shut out, ignored and taken for granted, we turned to the courts to get action. The Indian community also sued.

    Judge Sarah Singleton recently responded with a blistering ruling and a mandate that both branches of government must finally follow the state constitution and come up with a way to fix this disaster by April 2019.

    It’s not easy for rank-and-file employees to remain focused while much high-profile turmoil goes on with management. We praise City of Las Vegas full- and part-time employees who continue to take pride in making things hum along while their council and mayor squabble over who wronged whom the most.

    One example is the shrubbery recently pruned along Moreno Street, along an island between the driveways of the Las Vegas Police Department. At citizen request, this pruning made a sidewalk passable.

  • Enjoying the new season of “Better Call Saul”? If not, you should be — you’re paying for it.
    Annually, New Mexico’s taxpayers spend $50 million to “incentivize” film and television production in their state. Unfortunately, after shoveling more than half a billion dollars Hollywood’s way over the years, the Land of Enchantment has little to show for its generosity.

    The payoff from “investment” in the entertainment industry is dismal.

  • Is it time to give up? Are people in my field — the world of letters, spelling, punctuation and word choices a bit too “hung up”?

    I use “hung up” because a Highlands student once gave me that label as I returned assignments with a circled misspelling. That brought on a remark from a student, Angie, who said she “just knew” I would flag her word, “aggravated,” possibly “just to be mean.”

  • Does an editor edit?

    I’ve continuously been disappointed with the Optic. Let’s get something straight, the Optic is by NO means late breaking news. If you’re like me, and receive it in the mail, chances are it’s already three day old news. Not to mention there is hardly ever any thing of substance to report “as of press time.”

  • Elvis was wrong. It is not just Viva, Las Vegas. It is Viva Las Vegas, New Mexico. You don’t need to drive to Nevadato see bright lights and highlights with cowboys and show girls. Put your car on the road and steer north to fill that western thrill.

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t gamble, so Nevadaholds no joy for me. Living on a teacher’s salary, (wait,) I take that back. We teachers are the ultimate gamblers.

  • If the best disinfectant is sunshine, it’s important to remember that preventive medicine is just as effective as curing diseases.

    A free press doesn’t simply exist to help weed out corrupt or ill-intentioned people and practices from our government and the business world. It’s also the watchdog that helps shape the way business is conducted and the degree of honesty and number of rules followed — simply by being present and asking questions.