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  • Why all the secrecy?

    Always a creature of verbology, I own hundreds of books (they pale in comparison to what my wife, Bonnie has: maybe thousands?) She reads mysteries and romances.

    As for me, I often pick on instructional books, those whose pages contain lessons, usually about languages. But lest I come across as a wannabe grammarian, let me assure you I enjoy biographies, books on travel, adventure, and other genres.

  • Editorial cartoon, Wednesday, May 8

    Editorial cartoon, Wednesday, May 8

  • He didn’t change a thing with his life

    His tombstone read “HERE LIES NED. HE DIDN’T CHANGE A SINGLE THING WITH THE LIFE HE LIVED.” It is a very sad story, but the tombstone was right. Ned was born, he lived 74 years, and then he died. Nothing Ned did in his life made any difference in this world. Nothing.

  • Supporters of LGBTQ: Don’t take foot off gas

    A tally of the first 100 single-button reactions to the Optic’s Wednesday-morning Facebook post and link to our online story about the recent PRISM Pride Parade provided predictable results.

    There were 68 “likes,” 29 “loves,” or hearts; two “angry” faces and one “laughing face.” Perhaps you can visualize; perhaps not; perhaps you’re wondering how many folks even take the time to count up such stats.

  • Editorial cartoon, Sunday, May 5

    Editorial cartoon, Sunday, May 5

  • Building a solid foundation takes teamwork

    On March 16, 2019, the New Mexico Legislature reached the end of one of the busiest sessions in recent memory, giving us all, legislators and citizens, a lot to reflect on and to anticipate for the upcoming interim.

  • A mixed state legislative session

    Lawmakers in New Mexico have listened. A poll conducted by the Albuquerque Journal about two months before last year’s election found voters identified crime, education and homelessness as some of the top problems in need of solutions in our state. 

  • Letters to the Editor, Sunday, May 5, 2019

    Eighth St. concern

    Myself and many others who live in the area around Eighth Street and Williams Drive are concerned about a proposed zoning change that would allow any kind of commercial enterprise to operate in our peaceful residential neighborhood.

    Community First Bank, owns an empty 21 acre parcel of land that stretches from Seventh St. to Eighth St. and is roughly located between Williams and Sperry drives.