Today's Opinions

  • Jazzmine, Raven good columnists

    I would like to compliment your newspaper for the columns written by Raven Romero and Jazzmine Freedom. These columns were well written, timely, and entertaining.

    I hope that your newspaper finds interns who will be able to follow in the footsteps of these two young ladies.

    Bruce Wertz

    Las Vegas

  • Shifting the paradigm

    When a self-described lifelong oilman, and a longtime Bush supporter to boot, steps up to lead the way in alternative energy production, you know the paradigm has shifted. The cynics, however, would point out that the reason is that there’s money to be made in wind and solar power. To which we would add, that’s a good thing.

  • Dogs dumped off on highway

    My husband and I witnessed a despicable act by some people on July 24 while traveling from Mora to Las Vegas on Highway 518. Two dogs were released by these individuals on the highway without regard to the safety of the animals.

  • Momentum with Obama

    In politics, you should never admit that you’re jealous of the other side. Recently, however, Americans have seen much envy in the GOP.

    Republicans obviously know that Democrat Barack Obama had a picture-perfect trip to the Middle East and Europe, showing that he can do just fine on the world stage. As such, they are accusing the presidential candidate of acting as if he were already the president. This ignores the fact that their own candidate, John McCain, goaded Obama into taking the trip.

  • Trouble with truthfullness

    In June, Jerome Block Jr. won with 23 percent of the vote in the six-way Democratic primary race for northern New Mexico’s seat on the Public Regulation Commission, which oversees a host of industries, including utilities and insurance.

    He has no Republican opponent, but the Green Party is running Rick Lass. If history is any guide, the odds are that Block will be our next PRC commissioner in this heavily Democratic district.

  • Reporter takes hit, but still tell it as-is

    Recently, a reporter for this newspaper was threatened with destruction of his character, reputation and even livelihood. It’s not worth repeating what happened other than to note that the perpetrator was caught and punished, though in my book not commensurate with the potential impact to the reporter.

    It can’t be easy telling it like it is for a small-town newspaper, as some people are bound to get their noses out of joint. A cold shoulder and much more likely happen on occasion, and are directed at the individual and probably sometimes the family too.

  • Transparent budgeting

    Did you notice the additional coverage the Optic gave the city budget process this year? More than once it led the day’s news, even with less-than-flattering headlines expressing “rejection” and “concern.” But in the end the job was got done, and the budget was passed — looking about as good as one might hope for in a fiscally tight year.

  • Local issue, big implications

    SANTA FE — A curious situation down in Lincoln County apparently has elected officials throughout the state on edge.

    It all started when former Capitan mayor and deputy sheriff Steve Sederwall decided to run for sheriff as an independent. He checked with both the county clerk’s office and the secretary of state’s office to be sure he was doing everything an independent candidate needed to do to get on the ballot.