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  • Enough with the ‘best in show’

    Recent complaints to the Optic about how multiple local school districts handled the process of determining valedictorian and/or salutatorian have reminded us of how high school has become competitive in the worst of ways — pitting classmates, neighbors and their families against each other.

    It’s time for all New Mexico school districts to rid themselves of this extra layer of competitive tracking — one that’s an ongoing headache for districts and one that adds nothing in preparing students for the world they already know to be competitive.

  • Helping the oil and gas industry frack Mora County

    By John Olivas

    In her latest missive about the state of affairs in Mora County (“Protecting Mora County from Fracking,” May 17, 2018), Commissioner Paula Garcia again attempts to rewrite history around efforts by residents to stop oil and gas drilling in Mora County.

    As the Chairman of the Mora County Commissioners during the time period about which she writes, however, my vantage point is much different.

  • Letters to the Editor, Sunday, June 3, 2018

    I am that leader

    When New Mexico and Arizona were first granted statehood, the federal  government established land offices to pay for education.
    While Arizona was paid directly out of the state land revenue, New Mexico was considered too brown and uneducated to handle a large asset.

    We were constitutionally  mandated to spend part of the interest earned off the non-renewables  “common schools” fund for our beneficiaries.

  • Three primary races set the stage

    Here we are, on the eve of New Mexico’s primary elections, which will set the stage for November’s general election.

    There are races galore around our state, from local county races to the titanic contests for the top, and soon we’ll be able to analyze the partisan moods of the electorate by the collective decisions made.

  • Letter to the Editor, Friday, June 1, 2018

    GOP voters needed

    Republicans, the Primary Needs YOU!

    San Miguel County Republicans need to vote in this primary election, but it won’t take very long.  There is one contested Republican primary race, the Public Regulation Commissioner for District 2, which is pretty much the entire eastern third of the state, including our county. 

  • Thumbs: Our high country lowdown on the news, June 1, 2018

    Not only has Virginia Marrujo worn many hats for the City of Las Vegas this sporing, one of those hats is Fiestas coordinator, which includes helping arrange vendor placements along Bridge Street.

    Some businesses close during the six-day event (a six-day Fiestas seems a bit long for Las Vegas these days); others remain open.

  • Editorial cartoon, Friday, June 1, 2018

    Editorial cartoon, Friday, June 1, 2018.

  • Ice cream overdoses remembered

    Walking around my childhood neighborhood haunts, as I did this week, stirred up many memories, not all of the pleasant. Or not all ending pleasantly.

    I realize some readers may wish I’d get off the kick about my childhood, but just recently something has happened to help me focus even more on the days of yore.

    Let me explain: