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  • Editorial Cartoon - March 2, 2012
  • Editorial Cartoon - March 2, 2012
  • Nuestra Historia - ‘It is very hard to teach Mexicans English well’

    Like a whirlwind, he arrived in Las Vegas in the fall of 1902. Ten days later he departed New Mexico, confident that its people were not fit to be part of the American nation.

    When he returned to Washington, he declared imperiously that statehood should be denied indefinitely, “until the mass of the people of New Mexico shall in their daily life have become identical in language and customs with the American people — when the immigration of English-speaking people does its modifying work with the Mexican element.”

  • Lacking emergency animal services

    There are three veterinarians that are listed in the phone book for the Las Vegas area, yet none of them offer any type of after hour emergency service for sick or wounded pets. During a recent pet emergency, in my efforts to find emergency care, one vet’s office phone just rang, one had an answering service but they tell you to go to Santa Fe for services, and the other had a voice mail that indicated that he had a family issue, and was closed the weekend.

    The citizens of Las Vegas deserve much better for their loved pets.

  • Easy to get around a tethered yard dog

    A reader thinks the new dog tethering law is terrible because, “the dog guards the home when one is working.”

    Our two Siberian huskies guard our house and they have never been tied up. We have a fenced-in yard for exercise, but mostly our dogs live in the house where they are warm in winter and cool in summer. They are always in the house when we leave. Good luck to anyone who tries to go past them.

    But it’s easy to go past tethered yard dogs. They can’t get to the thief, now can they?

  • Ortiz has been an excellent mayor

    I am a resident of Las Vegas. I love this town and its people.

    Of all the mayors I’ve experienced, Mayor Alfonso E. Ortiz Jr. has been the best. He has done so much for our community. He is an ethical person with a big heart for our people. His administration has been transparent and his door is always open.

    Mayor Ortiz leads with compassion and intelligence, listening to our concerns with an open heart. I don’t think most people are aware of all that he has done for our city. Here is a list of just a few of his accomplishments:

  • Possessing good mayoral qualities

    Successful democratic governments need people of good character, intelligence and positive energy.

    Alfonso E. Ortiz Jr. possesses these qualities and more.

    The city of Las Vegas has benefited from his no-nonsense approach to city issues on numerous occasions. His recent executive order regarding the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce was the correct response to touchy issue that needed action.

    The extremely important water issue has been at the forefront during his tenure. I believe it will continue to be high on his to-do list if re-elected.

  • Extreme tethering cases justify action

    When Neo was a puppy, his owner placed a collar on his neck, fastened it to a chain and ignored him. When rescuers brought Neo to the veterinarian several months later, the outlook did not look good. Neo was starving. The owner who kept Neo as a “guard dog” never bothered to adjust his collar, which became deeply embedded in his neck and started to crush his trachea. Neo was dying.

    If Neo’s story were unique, it would be a shocking example of cruelty.