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  • Editorial Cartoon - July 19, 2013
  • Nuestra Historia: New Town tranquil until Tom Truder

    We return to the rocky road to consolidation of East and West Las Vegas, which we began some weeks ago, but interrupted with a fiestas column and to remember Gov. David Cargo. The consolidation series was introduced with a photograph of East and West mayors Ben Lingnau and Chief Gonzales burying the hatchet at the bridge the night of Feb. 27, 1968, when voters on both sides of the Gallinas approved the public referendum merging the two towns.

  • Another Perspective - Free summer meals around the corner

    Children need access to healthy food all year long because good nutrition provides the sound foundation they need to learn, grow and thrive. As USDA’s under secretary for food, nutrition and consumer services, it pleases me to say that during the regular school year, America’s schoolchildren can depend on the science-based nutrition provided by National School Lunch Program meals and the healthy choices now available at school. But when school is out during the summer months, it’s another story. Many kids don’t have access to even one nutritious meal a day.

  • Cargo was a great leader

    The state suffered a great loss with the passing away of Gov. Cargo.

    Gov. Cargo was our special friend. He loved all the people in New Mexico; one of his special traits was his humility. I would often go buy him lunch at the cafe, but he preferred to go sit with the seniors and eat lunch there. I have a picture of Gov. Cargo with President Bush, and Hillary Clinton, as well as with Tom Udall.

    I truly believe that when Gov. Cargo was born there was a special star shinning up in heaven.

  • Union leader angry over recall effort

    This letter is long overdue. I am writing on behalf of AFSCME Local 2851 city of Las Vegas employees on the issue of the attempt to recall our mayor, Alfonso E. Ortiz Jr. of this great community. As an employee of the city, a lifelong resident and constituent I am infuriated at this vain attempt by a few malcontents who have gone to great lengths to recall our mayor, and I am truly saddened to see those large billboards with his image and the national attention regarding the issue.

  • Editorial cartoon offensive

    The editorial cartoonist in the paper last Friday attempted to bully people into accepting his/her point of view. The cartoonist depicted a woman, as mature, well-dressed and reasonable, contrasted to a fat, ugly, poorly dressed male, stating he’ll decide what’s good for women, and the incredulous lady responding, “This is my body.”

  • Let’s hear other side of abortion debate

    Regarding Frank Splendoria’s column, this American citizen is still awaiting the other and legal view in a column on a woman’s right to choose what will happen to her body.

    Pamela G. Daves
    Las Vegas

  • Why is East district behind on audits?