Today's Opinions

  • Reader concerned about Art Council

    I was not surprised when reading Patty Chavez’s letter to the editor (Las Vegas Optic  June 7th, 2013)  “Disappointed in Art Council.” I am also disappointed in the Las Vegas Art Council and in the city for turning their heads the other way. The city has provided a free of charge building for the Art Council and has an outdated agreement with them.

    As a former member of the Art Council I would like mention just a few things.

  • Anti-tethering law is useless

    How can people  think it is OK to leave a dog tied up all by itself for its entire life? How can people go to church every week and think it is OK to treat one of God’s creatures this way?

    The new no chain law is useless in this town. It only applies to dogs who are in totally enclosed yards and probably isn’t being enforced at all. Why can’t something be done to help the poor, abused, neglected animals in this town?

    Barbara Nash
    Las Vegas

  • Action needed on climate change

    I spent my childhood outside, splashing around the river near my dirt road driveway and exploring every inch of the nearby hills trying to catch horned toads and other small critters.

    Unfortunately, in just 19 short years the environment has changed before my eyes. The river has dried up, the scrub oaks that sprinkled the hills have died, and the little critters that used to be abundant are now a rarity.

  • Mil gracias - Aug. 2, 2013

    I’m writing to express my appreciation for the excellent care I received at the Pecos Valley Medical Center during my recent stay at the Pecos and Santa Fe area.

    I developed a boil in my neck that became severely infected over the July 4 extended weekend. By the time I visited the clinic the boil had become badly infected.

    Fortunately, I was admitted to the clinic as a Medicare patient. Soon, a team of people ushered me into a treatment room, where I received immediate attention.

  • Editorial Cartoon - July 31, 2013
  • Release the audit

    If you’ve watched television newscasts or picked up a newspaper over the last month, then chances are you know about the audit commissioned by the Human Services Department.

    Boston-based auditors looked into the billing practices of 15 New Mexico behavioral health programs, and they reportedly found an estimated $36 million in improper payments. Allegations of fake billing, potential shell companies and CEO’s improperly getting rich off Medicaid funds are flying.

  • Work of Art — Sweet mice for sale

    Anyone who tries to learn a new language soon comes across words that are cognates, by definition, words that stem from the same source, as the German “ist” and the English “is.”

  • Is higher ed in NM failing?

    New Mexico Higher Education Secretary Jose Garcia sounded the alarm last week, saying that the state’s higher education system is failing its citizens.