Today's Opinions

  • Councilman wants record set straight

    This letter comes as a brief update on misleading information I have heard around the community. Unfortunately, misleading information turns into rumors spread and some individuals use this false information for their own personal gain with efforts to work against the city and its current efforts. I want to put some of these rumors to rest and assure you that the governing body and administration is working hard to make Las Vegas a better place for all of us to live now and in the future.

  • Mayor is doing everything he can

    I am writing this letter to the Optic in hope that the community does not support the efforts to recall our Mayor Alfonso E. Ortiz, Jr. The things that some people are saying about the mayor have no facts. The mayor is a good man and is doing everything he can for us here in Las Vegas. The mayor is one of us. I have seen the efforts which have been made by the mayor in addressing the west side of our Las Vegas as well as the whole city and the water issue.

  • Peaceful Skies: No position on recall

    Peaceful Skies Coalition was mistakenly identified as supporting the effort to stop the recall of mayor Ortiz in a recent political ad in the Las Vegas Optic.

    Our organization does not take a position on whether or not there should be a recall. The individuals signing the petition were speaking for themselves alone, not as representatives of Peaceful Skies Coalition.

    Richard McCracken
    Peaceful Skies Coalition

  • Editorial Cartoon - May 29, 2013
  • Work of Art — Watch your darned language

    Edward Albee got it absolutely right in his play, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” When one of George and Martha’s guests asked if she could use the restroom, George said to Martha, “Will you show our little guest to the — uh — euphemism?”
    Euphemism? That’s the perfect word. It means “a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.”

  • Lab a big step forward

    Students enrolled in Luna Community College’s nursing program in the fall will get to practice what they learn in the classroom on advanced simulator mannequins, and that’s a giant step forward for the program.
    Luna unveiled its state-of-the-art simulation lab last week, with President Pete Campos calling it a “monumental occasion.” Gov. Susana Martinez was at the college to mark the occasion.

  • Summer reading

    The grand prizes include a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Fla., the opportunity to be a Junior Zookeeper for a day, a hot-air balloon ride with the governor, the chance to throw the first ceremonial pitch at an Isotopes game and even an opportunity to go out on a fossil dig.

  • Another Perspective — Environmental victory for whom?

    By Sofia Martinez