Today's Opinions

  • Labeling is divisive

    In response to your (column) Sofia (Martinez), firstly I highly value and respect all the work that you have done for Mora County on the pressing issue of oil and gas drilling.
    However, labeling people “Parachute Organizers” and “Outside Organizers” is simply divisive and defeats our mutual goal of preventing the oil industry from destroying our land, polluting the air and poisoning the little water that we do have.

  • Practice what you preach

    It was absolutely hilarious to read Sofia Martinez’s (May 27) Op-Ed in the Optic, in which she raged against non-residents who dared speak in favor of Mora County’s anti-fracking ordinance. Terrible, that outsiders should poke their noses into a community’s internal affairs.

    Why was this so hilarious?

    Because only three days prior, in Friday’s Optic, this same Sofia Martinez weighed in on the recall of Alfonso Ortiz in a paid political ad. Martinez is a resident of Albuquerque.

  • Board should read student’s column
  • Beer sales at ball park a bad idea

    This letter is to express my disappointment with the City Council in voting to allow beer at the (professional) baseball games at Rodriguez Park. I would like to express several points in the matter:

  • Disappointed in Arts Council

    I saw the contest for the fiestas poster in the Optic a few weeks ago. I decided to enter. Times are tough, and winning a contest would be a blessing as I am in a rut right now. I painted my piece and went to the Arts Council and submitted it with my contact information.

    The woman who is in charge and runs the Arts Council was not there at the time, but there was another lady who was accepting submissions for her.

  • Troubling security lapse

    Two-and-a-half weeks have passed since Robertson High School was vandalized and still no arrests have been made or charges filed against the culprits.

    The case has been turned over to state police, and that agency has been tight-lipped about its investigation. We’re hopeful that state police investigators will find those responsible and bring them to justice.

  • Editorial Cartoon - June 5, 2013
  • Work of Art — Sorry ­— we’re sold out

    “Let’s all go to the movies in Santa Fe to watch ‘Lincoln.’” The idea sounded great, until we discovered that all showings of that film, starring Daniel Day-Lewis had sold out, as in, “There will be no more tickets sold today, and probably not tomorrow.”

    As much as we believe in keeping our dollars in Las Vegas, there are times, when considering a new car or watching a new movie, that such just isn’t possible.

    Crestfallen, we returned home to wait until “Lincoln” might arrive here.