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  • Fat Cats are manipulating reality

    With regard to the number of persons employed by the federal government, cabinet-level departments of defense, Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security top the list with more than two-hundred thousand people drawing checks from the latter alone.

  • Mil gracias - June 21, 2013

    Seven students from Robertson High School traveled to Washington D. C. in April as participants of the Close Up program where they got a “close up” experience of our American government in action. Some of the activities of their academic venture included visiting and learning about various historical sites; meeting with Sen. Tom Udall and Rep Ben Ray Lujan, Jr.; listening to a debate between a conservative and a liberal; and observing democracy in action where thousands of people gathered for the immigration rally on Capitol Hill.

  • Nuestra Historia: ‘Learning Las Vegas’

    By Jesus L. Lopez

    Believe it or not, despite the widespread fascination in recent years with all things Las Vegas, there is not an abundance of written history about our town. If not for Milton W. Callon, Lynn I. Perrigo and Maurilio E. Vigil, the story of the twin cities along the Gallinas might be nothing more than a passing narrative or isolated footnote in the chronicles of New Mexico history.

  • Oil and Gas Issues - What should be in the ordinance

    Editor’s note: This is the ninth in a series of columns addressing issues associated with oil and gas development in San Miguel County. The columns were written by participants in PROTECT San Miguel county, a local all-volunteer grass-roots organization. The group has been working with the county’s oil and gas task force for three years, has toured several existing oil and gas producing facilities, and has been collecting extensive research on the issues. More information is at http://PROTECTsmc.org.

  • Luna and nepotism

    Less than three years ago, the Luna Community College Board of Trustees approved a strict nepotism policy that prohibits the college from hiring a person who is related to a current board member, administrator or employee of the college, except in limited circumstances.

  • Editorial Cartoon - June 19, 2013
  • Work of Art — Just a harmless butt-pat

    Do men give other men friendly butt pats? Of course they do, especially when on the field. Somehow, the baseball field seems to be the most popular butt-patting venue, but you see it on and in football fields, basketball courts and baseball stadiums, whether in or out.

    But not in a courtroom.

  • Kudos to local schools

    In this day and age when 30 percent of New Mexico’s children are experiencing hunger, it’s reassuring to see that school districts in Las Vegas, Mora and Pecos are stepping up to the plate and offering free meals to kids during the summer months.