Today's Opinions

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe

    There are over one billion Catholics, and the Catholic Church has designated Dec. 12, as the day to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. So those who are not aware of the story, I will gladly retell it.

  • Abortion debate rages on

    I’m sorry, Mr. Marshall Poole, but I still disagree with you. I’m just one person, but you take great offense not only to my personal beliefs, but also my right to express them. I think I understand why, but more on that later.

    Have I been put on the Progressive Blacklist for not kowtowing to your beliefs, and have you been assigned to take me out? Sure seems like your mission is to smear me and then expect that I’ll wither and quietly crawl into a corner never to challenge Progressive nonsense again.

  • Chinese prisoner thanks supporters

    For the last seven years our local Amnesty International group has petitioned Chinese government officials on behalf of prisoner of conscience Shi Tao, a journalist and poet who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for an e-mail he sent in 2004. During that time many members of our community have generously participated in our campaign by signing petitions, writing to government officials and sending letters of support and encouragement to Shi Tao himself in prison.

  • Nuestra Historia: Melody falls, Donnelly reign nears end

    It was a Sunday evening on Nov. 21 1965, when Highlands President Tom Donnelly and the university’s regents gathered for dinner and ceremonies at the newly completed dormitory on the west campus. They were joined by dignitaries from throughout New Mexico, including State Sen. Gene Lusk, who would be the Democratic nominee for governor in just a few months, and State Sen. Harold Runnels, who would become a longtime New Mexico congressman.

  • Editorial Roundup: Newspaper opinions from around the nation - Dec. 13, 2013

    The Glens Falls Post-Star on the difficult process of removing incompetent teachers in New York (Dec. 5):

    The great weakness of New York’s education system has been school leaders’ inability to get rid of ineffective and even incompetent teachers, so it’s news worth celebrating that recent changes in state law have made that process easier.
    After decades of complaints about the unwieldy and expensive disciplinary process for tenured teachers, called 3020-a, New York last year passed reforms that streamlined the required hearings.

  • Comeback Cardinals

    Congratulations to the Robertson High School Cardinal football team and coach Leroy Gonzalez for an amazing end to what started off as a difficult season.

    The team began the season as an underdog, suffering a bruising 50-0 loss to St. Mike’s, and losses to Portales and Taos. Indeed, the Cards entered the playoffs with a No. 9 seed and a 5-5 record.

    In short, Robertson wasn’t expected to get very far in the playoffs, and it certainly wasn’t predicted to walk away with the Class 3A state championship.

  • Where’s the tree?

    It’s two weeks before Christmas and there’s still no tree at the old Safeway parking lot. What gives?

    In years past, the city had the tree up before Thanksgiving. This year the city appears to be in no hurry to put it up, and that’s disappointing because the tree had become a tradition and something many of us look forward to.

  • Editorial Cartoon - Dec. 11, 2013