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  • Thumbs Our high country lowdown on the news - June 29, 2018


    It’s so nice to see the Las Vegas Plaza cleaned up for Fiestas. Let’s see it continue to look nice all summer long — and for other parts of San Miguel and Mora counties to look just as fresh and new and clean. 

  • Do people really ‘infest’?

    There are many degrees of expression. Often, when we refer to opinions, the descriptions of others undergo much fine-tuning.

    For example, if we have a strong opinion on a topic like religion or politics, we might say, about ourselves, “I am firm.” But, applied to whoever we’re arguing with, we might say, “You are stubborn,” and to someone we don’t like, the description might be, “He is an obstinate fool,” and finally, to a sworn enemy, someone could even say, “He’s a pig-headed bigot.”

  • Achieving the quest of financial security

    By Rick Kraft

    In the lives we live we all basically want the same things: happiness, health, and financial security. But with these as targets, many of us miss the mark.

    There is often a large gap between what we want and what we are willing to do to accomplish what we want. What is in our heads does not always play out in our actions. And it does no good to think, think, and think without taking action.

  • Editorial cartoon, Sunday, June 24, 2018

    Editorial cartoon, Sunday, June 24, 2018.

  • Letter to the Editor, Sunday, June 24, 2018

    Dictator to king?

    If Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court allow Donald Trump to pardon himself, as Rudy Giuliani has asserted, he will no longer be our dictator. He will become KING, with power to execute or deport all people of color.

    Julian Rains, Las Vegas

    Fracking mania

    When was the last time you read in the newspaper, or saw on TV, Facebook, Twitter etc. that groundwater has been contaminated in New Mexico by fracking for oil and gas?

  • Strengthen New Mexico — focus on families

    In recent decades, the structure of the New Mexican family has changed significantly.

  • Human rights and principled Americans

    DENVER, Colo. — Every now and then, I serve as chauffer for my good friend and former wife, Junko. She hates to drive but, from time to time, needs to take a road trip for one reason or another, and since I enjoy road trips and live nearby, I do the driving.

    Last week she needed to go to the Japanese Consulate in Denver to renew her passport, so I drove her up from New Mexico. It took her only a few minutes to take care of business, leaving us with a day to kill in the heart of the city.

  • Thumbs: Our high country lowdown on the news, June 22, 2018


    We’re happy Tracy Wilkerson, D.O., has decided to see patients in Las Vegas. The growth of our medical community, both in terms of specialists and internal medicine / general practice doctors and nurse practitioners, at San Miguel or Mora facilities, is a big key to population growth.