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  • Men who risked it all to create America

    If you want to start a revealing conversation ask the question, “If you could witness only one event in the history of mankind, what event would it be?” Many events jump into my mind, such as watching Jesus perform one of his miracles or being present when Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address.

  • This week, we celebrate a champion

    My heart skipped a beat when I learned that Dolores Huerta was named the Grand Marshal for our Fiestas Parade on Saturday. I have been a huge admirer of Huerta ever since I heard her speak at my daughter Sarah Urech’s Women Leadership Center in Rhinebeck, N.Y.

    My es-teem only increased after seeing “Dolores,” a riveting documentary. Actually I saw the film twice at our very own Indigo theatre. Thank you, Elmo Baca.

  • Don’t resist the call of the road

    It’s fewer than 50 miles from dozens of northern New Mexico communities to the Luna Community College or Highlands University main campuses. Many Class of 2019 county high school seniors will be enrolled there next fall.

    These are fine schools with programs prepping students for many career fields. Other Land of Enchantment colleges and universities have different specialties with the same basic in-state benefits for recent New Mexico high school graduates.

  • Letters to the Editor, Sunday, July 1, 2018

    Family paper?

    For many years, I have enjoyed The Las Vegas Optic as a family newspaper. The last Optic (Sunday, June 17, 2018) had an editorial cartoon with a caption of #metoo*orny (I edited this).

    Maybe some think this is funny but is this material for a family newspaper?

    How do we explain this to the young reader?


    David Martinez, Las Vegas

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  • Editorial cartoon, Sunday, July 1, 2018

    Editorial cartoon, Sunday, July 1, 2018.

  • Dividing up California — and the rest of the nation

    We might or might not want our salsa to come from New York City, and we might even think California is too flaky for our traditional values, but the reality is, those are the places where most national trends get started.

    Moreover, on the West Coast, we have a bellwether of sorts when it comes to political trends — thanks to California’s infamous ballot initiatives.

  • Thumbs Our high country lowdown on the news - June 29, 2018


    It’s so nice to see the Las Vegas Plaza cleaned up for Fiestas. Let’s see it continue to look nice all summer long — and for other parts of San Miguel and Mora counties to look just as fresh and new and clean. 

  • Do people really ‘infest’?

    There are many degrees of expression. Often, when we refer to opinions, the descriptions of others undergo much fine-tuning.

    For example, if we have a strong opinion on a topic like religion or politics, we might say, about ourselves, “I am firm.” But, applied to whoever we’re arguing with, we might say, “You are stubborn,” and to someone we don’t like, the description might be, “He is an obstinate fool,” and finally, to a sworn enemy, someone could even say, “He’s a pig-headed bigot.”