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  • Editorial cartoon, Friday, October 5
  • Travel to Canada, eastern U.S. yields mixture of facts

    BOSTON — ”You’re from New Mexico? How far are you from Mexico City?” I kind of wish that hadn’t been the millionth time I’ve needed to answer that question.

    I’m not necessarily denigrating others’ sketchy knowledge of American geography, merely needing to explain that we’re not very close to that huge metropolis.

  • Why not be the best version of you?

    There is a bumper sticker that reads “THERE ARE TWO THINGS I HATE: CHANGE AND THE WAY THINGS ARE.” Have you ever felt this way? By working on both of these maybe the car owner can slap a new bumper sticker on top of the old one: “THERE ARE TWO THINGS I LOVE: CHANGE AND THE WAY THINGS ARE!”

    Are you the best version of you? If so, congratulations! You don’t need to read his column. Skip it and move on to the next article. But if you have room for improvement, read on.

  • Editorial cartoon, Sunday, September 30, 2018
  • Autumn should be a time of hope

    As a younger man, I used to view this time of year with great hope.  As leaves start to fall, days get shorter and nights colder, and it’s time to plan for new opportunities.

    As an educator, I learned to see the promise that late September holds — classrooms full of new faces beginning to grasp new lessons and concepts. 

  • Letter to the Editor, Sunday, September 30, 2018

    Land grant progress
    On Sept. 6, a U.S. congressional committee held hearings on a bill to establish a presidential commission to revisit claims and provide for the eventual return of federally-managed lands lost by land grants.

    Introduced by Congressman Steve Pearce, H.R. 6365 now advances to the House Natural Resources Committee.

  • New Mexico doesn’t fall for the red-baiting issues

    Recently a couple of my Arkansas relatives came through town and we took the time to decry the political state of our Union. Mostly we agreed, so everyone survived.

    Talking politics can kill a friendly conversation quickly (unless it’s among like-minded people, then it’s the life of the party), and throw a little religion into the mix and you’ve got a powder keg waiting to explode. But we went there anyway.

  • Thumbs: Our high country lowdown on the news, September 28, 2018

    There happened to be plenty of out-of-town visitors in the Las Vegas Plaza on Sunday morning. Perhaps more than usual; perhaps not. Many were searching for coffee and/or breakfast.

    Yet aside from The Coffee Shop and El Encanto and maybe a couple of other places, visitors could not be pointed toward any walking-distances eateries or coffee shops that were open. Charlie’s Bakery & Café is always busy because of its quality, but it can’t handle all the Sunday business in town.