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  • NM uranium workers, downwinders finally get a hearing

    Seventy-three years ago this week, the United States detonated the first-ever atomic bomb in New Mexico, in a remote desert location now known as the Trinity Test Site.

    It was a top-secret affair that would lead to the bombs dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. And while this test about 30 miles east of Carrizozo may be only a footnote in world history, for those who lived near the site at the time, it changed their lives forever.

  • Thumbs: Our high country lowdown on the news, July 20, 2018

    It’s a hopeful a sign of great things to come for Luna Community College’s Phi Theta Kappa Beta Mu Nu Chapter. The chapter earned several state, regional and international individual and chapter awards for the recently completed school year.
    Involvement in these types of national chaptered organizations is a key to sense of community and belonging, especially at the community college level.


  • Editorial cartoon, Friday, July 20, 2018
  • No cause to celebrate

    We could almost hear bands playing as we saw the front page of a recent New Mexico newspaper. On Page A1 was a photo of a parent hoisting his over-joyed toddler who was released from one of the cages reserved for offspring of people trying to make it into  U.S. borders.

    It wasn’t exactly an occasion for endless cheers. Let’s not forget that the many children kept in cages were likely to have been traumatized by being forcibly separated from their parents.

  • Editorial cartoon, Wednesday, July 18, 2018

    Editorial cartoon, Wednesday, July 18, 2018.

  • Changing the world with an orange cone

    It entertained me all afternoon, that single orange cone.

    No one knew just what to do with it. It was just sitting out there in the middle of everything. It didn’t belong there, but everyone who came upon it believed it had a purpose so no one picked it up and moved it. Those who encountered the cone had to determine how to navigate around it because it was there. They had no choice but to recognize it and change their path accordingly. But I am a little ahead of myself.

  • Seeking asylum is not a crime

    In recent years, the U.S. typically welcomed about 1,000,000 legal immigrants, 70,000 refugees and 23,000 asylum seekers per year.

    President Trump’s statements and evolving policies will greatly reduce all these numbers, and threaten the approximately 11 million unauthorized immigrants already living in this country, many for decades.

  • Letters to the Editor, July 15, 2018

    Facts re: Trump

    Editor: The June 15 Optic printed an insulting political cartoon depicting Trump and his followers as racist bigots.

    Might the far-left media supply some facts when hurling negative comments against conservatives? I’ve seen nothing but concern and friendship from Trump for people of color.