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  • Thumbs: Our high country lowdown on the news, June 21, 2019


    Recent employment issues by both West Las Vegas Superintendent Chris Gutierrez and Luna Community College President Rolando Rael have both illustrated a need for more transparency in personnel situations.

  • Heroes are committed to the greater good

    “My heroes have always been cowboys, still are, it seems. Sadly, in search of, and one step in back of, themselves and their slow movin’ dreams.”
    — Sharon Vaughn, songwriter

    Heroes are easy to find but hard to keep.

    Especially when we’re young, we need our heroes, or positive role models if you  prefer, as examples of what courage, sacrifice and success are all about.

  • Editorial cartoon, Wednesday, June 21

    Editorial cartoon, Wednesday, June 21

  • Thoughtful divergence

    Today I’m on my “fairness kick.” I jump on that wagon whenever the mood strikes, but mostly when I become aware of what I perceive as unfairness.

    I’m about to provide a short list of such unfairnesses  as they come along, and I certainly don’t wish for concord; I don’t expect too many readers to agree and begin gee-whizzing my erudition.

  • Editorial cartoon, Wednesday, June 19

    Editorial cartoon, Wednesday, June 19

  • If there is wind, don’t break it

    As we approach the official June 20 last lay of spring, we’ve felt the rage of he winds that periodically torment the southwest this time of year, sometimes, to the extent of broken trees and other solid items.

    The term “breaking wind” doesn’t typically apply to stopping the wind; rather it’s a creation of the most unpleasant kind of breeze. This offensive action does not, in fact, halt or impede the wind at all — though it does tend to break up any good mood in a room or small, crowded elevator.

  • Making a difference as a good father

    Being a father is much more than just contributing to the conception of a child. Being a good father is much more difficult and complex. It can be the toughest challenge a real man can have and it can also be the most fulfilling.

    A child is one thing on this planet that doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Each child is made special and unique. Yet even without a manual there are good ways and bad ways to parent a child.

  • Editorial cartoon, Sunday, June 16

    Editorial cartoon, Sunday, June 16