Today's Opinions

  • Completing 60 trips around the sun

    Today I change the tens digit on my age. It is my birthday! I have made it 60 times around the sun.

    Yet despite six decades in the rear view mirror, I look forward to my years ahead and I believe the best is yet to come!

    Although my birth certificate shows I am 60 years old, I have actually experienced 64.4 years of life. More on this later.

    Today is the youngest I will ever be for the rest of my life. Today is also the wisest I have ever been since I was born. Both of these concepts come together for today.

  • Don’t misrepresent yourself

    Mired in Brett Kavanaugh’s recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings were disputes about incidents and characterizations about what the man had done decades ago, and how he conducted himself.

    The hearings became as much about whether Kavanaugh was telling the truth as it was about the facts of his life.

  • Don’t Bother. They’re Here

    By Connie Schultz

    All these years — 61 and counting — and not once have I been associated with a mob.
    Until now.

    This is exhilarating.

    “Harassing members at their homes,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told The New York Times, “crowding the halls with people acting horribly, the effort to humiliate us...”

  • Editorial cartoon, Sunday, October 14, 2018
  • The election and its final twists and turns

    The way I figure it, the Republicans are getting the Supreme Court judge they want but they’re going pay for it by losing big in the midterm elections.

    If Democrats don’t at least take the U.S. House this time around, I’ll be both stunned and disappointed. America needs a check on Trump’s irrational hold over Washington, and I’ll bet a lot of outraged, anti-Trump people — particularly women — are going to vote with a vengeance this year.

  • Thumbs: Our high country lowdown on the news, October 12

    Thumbs down to the American president for worsening trade relations with the Far East, especially China. No one suggested the balance was fair, but the executive-branch tariff system isn’t doing anything — and what is the stated goal of the tariffs, anyway?

  • Editorial cartoon, Friday, October 11
  • ‘Stay out of my dreams’

    I had an interesting conversation with Diana, a former student in my journalism classes at Highlands University.

    She was scheduled to be my wife around that time, but before Bonnie (my real wife) reads this, let me explain that the nuptials Diana and I were scheduled to exchange were part of the plot to “Exit the Body,” by Fred Carmichael,

    The two-act comedy never materialized — because certain members of the full cast chose parties over rehearsals.