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  • Nuestra Historia: The parachute factory & other LV enterprises

    By Jesus L. Lopez

    Not all Las Vegas history has been consumed in political intrigue and power struggles, though politics has often dominated the story and evolution of the twin cities along the Gallinas. The other consistent thread which runs through Las Vegas history is that no other place in New Mexico has tried harder to attract industry and economic development — nor failed more woefully.

  • Noise ordinance should be enforced

    According to the Editorial in (last) Wednesday’s Optic, it seems that any existing noise and nuisance ordinances in Las Vegas should be, in a word, ignored at the time of the bike rally. The reason proffered is that the rally brings monies to Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Given this view, one wonders what other laws can be suspended or otherwise ignored provided monies are going into the city’s coffers?

  • Not a fan of the Rough Rider rally

    Regarding the recent Rough Rider Motorcycle Rally and contrary to all the bubbly praise heaped on the event by the organizers, many of us really don’t like it at all.

  • Respect differing views on abortion

    This letter is in response to “Out of sight, out of mind” column in the July 8 Las Vegas Optic.

    I am always baffled at how religion can cause otherwise intelligent and civic-minded citizens somehow to think that whatever they believe, in this case about abortion, is absolutely true and whatever anyone else thinks is absolutely wrong. And then they think that they must impose their moral beliefs on everyone else by force of law.

  • History repeating itself with recall

    As an outsider, I find your town’s current mayoral recall situation both upsetting and fascinating. As the initiator and organizer of the “Dump ‘Em All” recall held in Raton last summer, I see far too many disturbing parallels — such as the dirty tricks allegedly being played by your city’s leadership, against your voters — between the reactions by city halls in both cities, to large numbers of recall signatures being handed to them.

  • Reader concerned about Art Council

    I was not surprised when reading Patty Chavez’s letter to the editor (Las Vegas Optic  June 7th, 2013)  “Disappointed in Art Council.” I am also disappointed in the Las Vegas Art Council and in the city for turning their heads the other way. The city has provided a free of charge building for the Art Council and has an outdated agreement with them.

    As a former member of the Art Council I would like mention just a few things.