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  • Offending others in your daily life

    When you have a mouthful of steaming hot coffee, whatever you do next is wrong!

    I think of this from time to time when I find myself in a position when whatever happens next is not going to be good. There are times when we find ourselves in places in life where there are no good options. Our challenge in these situations is to find the least worst choice.

  • Editorial cartoon, Sunday, April 21

    Editorial cartoon, Sunday, April 21

  • This is what New Mexico success looks like

    The results of the 2019 legislative session are evidence of what can happen when your elected leaders work together to serve the people of New Mexico.

    Together, the executive, the House, and the Senate developed a spending plan, essentially intact after the governor’s partial vetoes, that prioritizes those issues most important to New Mexicans and effectively addresses the concerns of the lawsuit that successfully challenged the adequacy of New Mexico schools.

  • More danger in the Middle East

    Since taking office, President Trump has made several major decisions about the Israel-Palestine conflict which likely helped the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel.

    In addition, the decisions reversing more than 50 years of U.S. policies, conflict with decisions of the United Nations and the international community, and undermine the role of international law by accepting some of the many Israeli violations of those laws.

  • Letters to the Editor, Sunday, April 21, 2019

    Thanks, AVRH

    I want to thank the surgical team at Alta Vista Hospital for their professionalism, care and efficiency during my recent outpatient procedure. I would use their services again if the need ever arose.

    Merilee Walker

    Not ‘pro-life’

    Mr. Frank Splendoria (letter of April 14, 2019) obviously fancies himself to be “pro-life,” but he may want to rethink that lofty notion.

  • Thumbs: Our high country lowdown on the news, April 19, 2019


    While we should ultimately thumb-down the amount of time it’s taking for Mora County to finally get all wings of its Courthouse Complex, we’re thumbing up the perseverance and apparent patience and caution being taken by the County Commission and administration. No need to make it this far only to muck it up further with code or policy violations or, worse: hurried, shoddy done work.

  • Speculation follows Udall’s announcement

    Tom Udall’s announcement that he won’t seek another term as U.S. Senator really brought out the politics in New Mexico.

    Already, two Democrats have announced they’ll seek to replace Udall, and there’s plenty of speculation about others interested in vying for the crown jewel of statewide office. Let’s consider only a few.

  • Editorial cartoon, Friday, April 19

    Editorial cartoon, Friday, April 19