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  • Time to appoint a city manager

    It’s past time for Mayor Tonita Gurulé-Girón to take action on the city manager position: either appoint Ann Marie Gallegos for the permanent position, or advertise the position. Gallegos has been around plenty of controversy throughout her career.

    She holds the distinction of having been paid $70,000 to drop a retaliation suit against the city in 2004, three years after the mayor and council voted to terminate her first five-year stint as city manager.

  • It’s all about how you finish

    I want to finish strong. Regardless of the race I have run, I want to finish strong. In the life we live, how we live is important. Yet more important is how we finish.

    For many of us, most of our life is in the rear view mirror. We can’t change this. We have had mountaintop experiences with our arms raised in the air. We have walked deep in the valley, with our head looking down. That is not important now. This article is about your today and your tomorrows.

  • Editorial cartoon, Sunday, May 19

    Editorial cartoon, Sunday, May 19

  • Reintegration: important part of community strength

    Data from the New Mexico Sentencing Commission shows that returning to the community is a difficult task that poses serious challenges for those who have been released from incarceration.

  • Assault on acequias harms all of us

    The legal definition of “harm” is predicated on a lengthy legal definition of injury. The succinct version includes, but is not limited to, the willful pursuit of continuing injury.  
    I am troubled by the self-evident economic debilitation of our community. Vanishing small business, declining enrollments in schools and universities, the real-estate market, and general population are glaring examples.

  • Letters to the Editor, Sunday, May 19, 2019

    Teacher evals

    Commenting on the new, transitional Teacher Evaluation for New Mexico Teachers for the current school year, National Education Association-New Mexico President Betty Patterson thanked Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and Public Education Department Secretary Karen Trujillo for having heard and responded positively to the concerns and hopes of teachers throughout New Mexico.

  • Thumbs: Our high country lowdown on the news, May 17, 2019


    If what we’ve seen so far from Highlands University administration is all the support it’s willing to give to Gene Torres Golf Course, the Regents should remain willing to consider more options going forward.

    Highlands has decided to solicit bids for an operator or leasee of the golf course it owns. We hope the Regents and administrators are creative and open-minded regarding whatever response comes from the bids.

  • Facing hard realities ahead

    I just finished doing a final read of high school seniors’ summaries, something my newspaper compiles from surveys we pass out to the soon-to-be graduates and then publish on the eve of their commencement.

    It’s uplifting to read about these teenagers’ hope and dreams — and worrisome because of what they’re going to face as adults. They may not realize what they’re facing in the world ahead.