• Preparing for wildfire season

    As we enter the 2012 New Mexico wildfire season — one that could be as devastating as last year’s, the most severe on record — it’s important for landowners in the Gallinas and neighboring watersheds to understand that, while the state has jurisdiction over fire suppression on private lands, no public agency has jurisdiction over or responsibility for post-wildfire rehabilitation work on private lands.

  • Tethering law unfair, unnecessary

    OK, we own three large dogs. They indeed are “tethered” in our yard. One is near our fence, one near the front door, which reaches to the door to prevent intruders; the other in the back next to the back door, which also reaches the door. They are all very friendly dogs but will bite, and not just bark, when needed.

  • Excellent care at Alta Vista

    First I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to Percyne Gardner and family on their terrible loss. In response to her letter of Feb. 27, I would like to express my satisfaction with some excellent care I received at Alta Vista Regional Hospital.

    In the early morning hours of Jan. 28 my husband took me to the ER. I was experiencing severe abdominal pain, and ER Dr. Luchini quickly recognized that what was going on was not normal. She immediately ordered an X-ray, CT Scan and blood work. She then notified the surgeon, Dr. Mario Leyba.

  • Local elections too complicated

    I just got home from voting in the local election and I cannot believe how elections are run in the state of New Mexico. This is only my third election here. In the first election four years ago, I cast an early ballot. Two years ago I voted at the Union Street School and I made the assumption that was my voting location and the ward I was assigned to.     

  • Fracking ban only option

    The oil and natural gas lobby has succeeded in its goal to prevent an oil and gas drilling ordinance for San Miguel County that likely would not have been in their favor.

  • City facing many challenges

    Allow me to take this opportunity to thank the people of Las Vegas for all your support during this past election. It is wonderful that individuals like you take the time to volunteer yourselves in an effort to better our community. It is because of people like you that I am encouraged to run for office and to devote my time to addressing the needs of the people of Las Vegas.

  • Abuse of dogs takes many forms

    Ask an Alaskan if tethering one’s husky is cruel? They will laugh, but of course they know how to tether a dog properly. But see, here is a breed-appropriate situation; huskies do well in winter, but will need shade in summer. A doberman will do fine outdoors in summer but will also need shade and accommodations for warmth in the extreme cold of winter.

  • Governor serving large corporations

    Gov. Martinez’ unfortunate veto of Senate Bill 9, leaving open New Mexico’s corporate tax loophole, is just the latest indication of our governor’s true constituency—the large multi-state corporations who compete unfairly against local businesses.

    An unprecedented outpouring of public support for Sen. Wirth’s bill was ignored, and tens of millions of dollars of annual revenue will remain absent from our state’s coffers.

  • Dodge’s power grabs should be stopped

    If City Manager Timothy Dodge and company swore in Mr. Vince Howell, does that mean we now have to pay an extra councilperson? Are we now to pay for five people on our City Council? How much rein are we to give Dodge before someone tells him his place and job description?

  • Thanks for a good experience

    I would like to begin by thanking you, your staff and the Las Vegas Optic for the endorsement for my candidacy for City Council Ward 3. It was a humbling experience to have received the Las Vegas Optic’s endorsement.

    Thanks to the citizens of Ward 3 who supported me and valued what it I had to say throughout the forums, radio interviews, and the door-to-door campaigning. For those who invited me into their homes it brought real meaning to the welcome mats and signs placed at their door steps and a heartfelt “Mi Casa es su Casa” hung on their walls.