• Stick to your ‘rights,’ Las Vegas

    I observed with great pleasure the Las Vegas City Council meeting March 21. It was a credit to the citizens of Las Vegas, many of whom spoke eloquently in favor of a proposed Bill of Rights and Local Self-Government Ordinance intended to protect your city’s water, air and land from corporate predation, and specifically from the poisoning of water sources by hydraulic “fracking” for natural gas.

  • Unintended consequences

    The Las Vegas City Council is considering a new ordinance that will give ecosystems “rights.”

    Aside from the legal absurdity that the ordinance would establish local government as “sovereign” over state and federal, and the environmental hubris that places the City Council in a position to determine what is evolutionarily correct, this ordinance will likely lead to the decline of the acequia culture along the Gallinas.

  • Mora Co. can’t have life and fracking

    Northern New Mexicans and Mora County commissioners Garcia, Olivas and Quintana, I’d love to be diplomatic, polite, play political games of smiles and nuances — but I cannot do so and be honest with myself.

  • Grateful for a wonderful pageant

    I just wanted to take a moment and thank the City of Las Vegas for their warm welcome and support that I received last weekend. It has been an honor to represent San Miguel County and I am looking forward to having a positive impact on the community.  My platform is “New Mexico: Go Green” and I enjoy spreading the message of recycling. 

  • West teachers should take exam

    Teachers, I’d like to challenge you. I’m a parent of a junior at West Las Vegas High School. Juniors were scheduled to take the Standards Based Assessment (SBA) Exam on March 27 through March 29. I understand that this exam is college based (level) in comparison to what was required in the past years. Which was based on eight-grade level curriculum. I have a major concern that most of these students are highly unprepared due to teachers not focusing on preparing these students.

  • Preparing for wildfire season

    As we enter the 2012 New Mexico wildfire season — one that could be as devastating as last year’s, the most severe on record — it’s important for landowners in the Gallinas and neighboring watersheds to understand that, while the state has jurisdiction over fire suppression on private lands, no public agency has jurisdiction over or responsibility for post-wildfire rehabilitation work on private lands.

  • Tethering law unfair, unnecessary

    OK, we own three large dogs. They indeed are “tethered” in our yard. One is near our fence, one near the front door, which reaches to the door to prevent intruders; the other in the back next to the back door, which also reaches the door. They are all very friendly dogs but will bite, and not just bark, when needed.

  • Excellent care at Alta Vista

    First I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to Percyne Gardner and family on their terrible loss. In response to her letter of Feb. 27, I would like to express my satisfaction with some excellent care I received at Alta Vista Regional Hospital.

    In the early morning hours of Jan. 28 my husband took me to the ER. I was experiencing severe abdominal pain, and ER Dr. Luchini quickly recognized that what was going on was not normal. She immediately ordered an X-ray, CT Scan and blood work. She then notified the surgeon, Dr. Mario Leyba.

  • Local elections too complicated

    I just got home from voting in the local election and I cannot believe how elections are run in the state of New Mexico. This is only my third election here. In the first election four years ago, I cast an early ballot. Two years ago I voted at the Union Street School and I made the assumption that was my voting location and the ward I was assigned to.     

  • Fracking ban only option

    The oil and natural gas lobby has succeeded in its goal to prevent an oil and gas drilling ordinance for San Miguel County that likely would not have been in their favor.