• Letters to the Editor, Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018

    Spay and neuter
    Contact your legislators and urge them to support Senate Bill 51 and House Bill 64 that will provide desperately needed free/low cost spays  and neuters to the pets of NM families.

    Over half of the pets in shelters must be killed every year because there are not enough homes.

    The procedures decrease the pet overpopulation and the resulting euthanasia. Contact media@apvnm.com for more information.

    Jane Carson, Pecos


  • Letter to the Editor, Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018

    Mil Gracias
    The Literacy Council of Northeastern New Mexico, a division of the Las Vegas Arts Council, recently hosted the tenth annual Literacy Fair at the Sala de Madrid on the NMHU campus.
    The theme for this year’s event was a Dr. Seuss Celebration with the tag line: “Read Here  and Read There—Read Everywhere.”

  • Letters to the Editor, Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018

    No celebrity worship
    On Jan. 25, on CNN’s “At This Hour with Kate Balduan,” Ms. Baldwin and guest Ron Bonjean, former Spokesman for Sen. Trent Lott, gleefully speculated on whether Oprah Winfrey’s statement that running for president “is not something than interests me” was Ms. Winfrey’s final word on the subject.

  • Letters to the Editor, Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018

    For Mildred Terr
    Taking the liberty to speak for my family, we appreciate all the wonderful friends and neighbors who paid respects to my mother, Mildred Terr, on her passing a couple months ago. I really believe there are no warmer and kinder people than right here in Las Vegas.

    Many people have asked me over the years how we happened to come to Las Vegas in 1958. Well, we lived in a small tourist town in Michigan, and there were not enough patients for all the doctors there, so my dad advertised for a position, anywhere in the U.S.

  • Letter to the Editor, Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018

    Mystery partner
    North Korea’s rapid progress in developing an intercontinental ballistic missile and miniaturized nuclear warhead has been nothing short of amazing. It is almost as if an entity that already possesses fully developed technology has been feeding Kim Jung-un a little bit at a time to make it look as if his regime is making its own way toward a system that can deliver a nuclear warhead anywhere in the world.

  • Letter to the Editor, Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018

    Self-evident storms
    Every day, Americans struggle against one or both natural and man-made disasters. President Trump personifies not one, but both; natural in the pathological sense, because his behavior, presumably outside his control, defies normality, and in the man-made sense, because he chooses bigotry, offensive sexual behavior, and ignorance, as a way of life.

  • Letters to the Editor, Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018

    Lethal stupidity
    What is happening to all the dignity, self-respect and common sense of the peoples of the U.S. when they are led by a group whose skills and knowledge seem to have sunk to the level of entering kindergarteners? “My button’s bigger than his button,” chants the mighty leader of the nation! This is incredible!

    These are nuclear weapons that we are playing with here. The rest of the world weeps and gasps in horror to see a county sinking so dangerously low.

  • Letters to the Editor, Sunday, Jan. 14, 2018

    No second boss needed
    The people of San Miguel County need to know what a great job Chief (Mike) Montaño has done for the county’s fire departments. He has moved the departments in a positive direction.
    Chief Montaño has set contracts and service agreements in place.
    He has written several proposals which just need to be set out for bid.

  • Letters to the Editor, Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018

    Tighten OUR belts?
    “Tighten your belts,” says the fat State of New Mexico.  In my tenure as an elected official, I’ve been to several workshops/conferences/trainings hosted by the State.

  • Letters to the Editor, Dec. 24, 2017

    Tax cuts for whom?

    They did it Again! The millionaire Congressmen and billionaire president were bought by the super rich and corporations to give themselves billions in tax breaks. And they yelled thousands of times, “A tax cut for the poor and middle class.”

    Liars, liars, liars!

    My dear fellow Americans, can you imagine how much of a tax break we would have gotten if it had been given to us instead?