• Letters to the Editor - Dec. 5, 2014

    Cartoon on ISIS was appalling

  • Letters to the Editor - Nov. 28, 2014

    Robertson had impressive season

  • Letters to the Editor - Nov. 14, 2014

    I write this letter as a concerned and frustrated parent of an eighth grade child who attends Rio Gallinas Charter School. The upper grade classes are in the midst of their third move this school year with at least one more move to go. Not only my daughter, but all the students from sixth to eighth grade at this school are losing valuable learning time, and for what reason?

  • Letters to the Editor - Nov. 7, 2014

    City’s priorities
    are skewed

    There is no other town that comes together after a tragedy better than the Las Vegas community, especially when it comes to our children. This time, however, the city of Las Vegas has chosen to be part of the problem instead of the solution.

  • Letters to the Editor - Oct. 31, 2014

    Vote for King, Powell
    For our children’s education, to support our teachers, to protect our air and water, for the sake of those who live in poverty, to protect our environment, to stop  the importation of people from Arkansas, Florida and Texas, for New Mexico jobs, to stop our jobs being outsourced to Arizona, por nuestra gente, el futuro de nuestra pleve, por los veteranos, to stop out of state big money to buy out our state governor’s office, to take back New Mexico and protect our state lands, vote for Gary King and Ray Powell Jr.

  • Letters to the Editor - Oct. 24, 2014

    Headline about kid was offensive
    In response to the Monday October 6th headline article “You think your kid is bad?”:
    As an educator in this community, it saddened me to see the reflection that was placed upon our youth in the title of this article. We are lucky to have middle school students here, in Las Vegas, who are incredible helpers, builders, brilliant minds and savvy technological gurus.

  • Letters to the Editor - Oct. 17, 2014

    Chains not answer for local economy
    Our local misleadership has crossed another Rubicon, their “economic development” efforts having advanced from the merely ineffective to the actively pernicious.
    Our city just gave $50,000 to a Fort Worth consulting firm in return for inviting a host of chain businesses and franchises into our community? That is conclusive proof that our city’s leaders have absolutely no clue about what makes local economies flourish or fail.

  • Letters to the Editor - Oct. 10, 2014

    We are a nation of immigrants
    Recently, I received from a friend in Iowa several forwarded emails regarding immigration. Usually she sends interesting humor or musical pieces. I was shocked at the racist and intolerant tone set in these. Some really sounded like the United States should be kept pure Aryan Christian (There’s an oxymoron for you!). They were frightening but couched in sometimes humorous language. I wrote the following to my friend:

  • Letters to the Editor - Oct. 3, 2014

    Farmers Market working hard
    Mr. Rock Ulibarri is known for his just and fair ways in our community. I’m disappointed that he relied on misinformation about the Tri-County Farmers Market in his recent letter (Sept. 19). I’m a former board member of the Tri-County Farmers Market as well as a vender and a customer. I hope I can clarify the issues that Mr. Ulibarri brought forth in his letter.

  • Letters to the Editor - Sept. 26, 2014

    Jealousy, politics holding Vegas back
    Will you hear a lot of emotion in this letter? Yes. Will you hear a lot of truth in this letter? Absolutely.