• Letters to the Editor - March 27, 2015

    Right to work bill a bad idea
    Why would we ever want to adopt a policy that has proven to drive down wages and not result in attracting jobs and companies to New Mexico?

    That’s exactly what state lawmakers and Gov. Martinez are doing by pushing Right to Work legislation in this year’s Legislature.

    Here are some quick facts about Right to Work and what it will mean for the state:

  • Letters to the Editor - March 20, 2015

    Regressive tax hurts citizens
    We taxpayers get saddled with a three-quarters-of-a-million dollar county purchase. Said purchase is quickly followed by the most regressive tax-hike available and no one sees a connection.
     This regressive tax affects our citizens in the lowest income brackets — the others can travel to Las Cruces, etc. to eat at Applebee’s, etc., while the rest of us must pay the regressive tax on local purchases.

  • Letters to the Editor - March 13, 2015

    Water rights ought never be sold
    I am a citizen of Las Vegas, N.M., who uses and pays for city utilities.  Also my family has been entrusted with irrigation land along the Rio Gallinas, and using the acequia to deliver water to the land.

  • Letters to the Editor - March 6, 2015

    Leading by example
    I was surprised, if not shocked, to read in Monday’s Optic (Feb. 23) that Rock Ulibarri was “battling” with the Rio Gallinas School for Art and Environment regarding his serving as a County Commissioner. I was genuinely stunned about this issue because the educational model vaunted by the Rio Gallinas School is “expeditionary learning”: teachers and students spend one day a week going out into the community on expeditions intended to relate classroom curriculum to the world in which students live.

  • Letters to the Editor - Feb. 27, 2015

    Living wage is right thing to do
    Kudos to city councilman Joey Herrera for proposing a Las Vegas living wage ordinance.
    And shame on city councilman Vincent Howell for his obstructionism.
    Howell didn’t think twice about voting to approve a five-figure raise for Tim Dodge, but has major reservations over raising the pay of Las Vegas’ working poor above $7.50 an hour. It speaks volumes about his values, and why he should be a one-term councilman.

  • Letters to the Editor - Feb. 20, 2015

     ‘Still tiptoeing on edge of cliff’
    Snowpack is a predictor of spring melt run off. As of last week, our mountain snowpack was less than two thirds of normal. The gurus are not predicting a very wet summer.

    We have been using the river to keep our one reservoir full. It holds only about 200 acre feet. For comparison, the city delivers about 5 acre feet per day. Come late March or early April, the acequias will start getting their share of river water, and the city will start to draw down on the reservoir.

  • Letters to the Editor - Feb. 13, 2015

    Complications from measles overstated
    While the facts given in the editorial “Vaccinations Are Critical” are urgent, one should be aware of something called “completeness of reporting.” What this entails is the realization that not all measles infection cases go reported.

  • Letters to the Editor - Feb. 6, 2015

    Enforce cell phone law
    As a long-time resident of Seventh Street, who walks and drives that street often, I see at least five or 10 people daily texting or dialing on their cell phones, headed for an intersection, other cars or pedestrians. An officer in a patrol car presumably sees many, many more than I do. I am amazed that we have not read by now of a person or a family killed or seriously injured, and when we do, I’m sure we’ll see letters about leniency since “everyone does it.”

  • Letters to the Editor - Jan. 30, 2015

    Opposed to proposed mill levy
    On Feb. 3 Mora County residents in the Mora school district will have the opportunity to vote on the Mora school election. One item on the ballot is a general obligation school bond. This is an additional 3.5 mill bond on top of the two existing bonds we already have.

    If this additional 3.5 mil bond passes, it would obligate Mora tax-payers to an additional 15-plus years of increase of property tax of up to $990 on a $300,000 assessed property value.

  • Letters to the Editor - Jan. 23, 2015

    ‘Sticks and Stones’
    Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” I learned that little rhyme in grade school where kids could get really mad and yell bad names at you.
    “Your mother wears combat boots,” was considered a nasty, derogatory statement about your mother. Kids said that.
    Perhaps Pope Francis would have benefited if he had attended Farragut School in Joliet, Ill., as I did.