• Letters to the Editor - Sept. 13, 2015

    Coalition pushing for more wilderness area
    A diverse grassroots coalition of conservation minded forest professionals, business owners, non- profit organizations, State and Tribal elected officials and New Mexicans from all walks of life, are hard at work to advocate for the designation of 120,000 acres of The Pecos Wilderness as Federal Wilderness or Special Management Area. This designation will protect the clean air, fresh water and recreational area that the counties Santa Fe, San Miguel, Taos, Mora and Rio Arriba counties have come to enjoy.

  • Letters to the Editor -Sep. 6, 2015

    We must do more
    to bring jobs here
    I go to the senior center for lunch every day. Last spring, when the high school graduations were happening, many of the people at the senior center said they were sad that their grandchildren were graduating. They said they would never see them again, because the kids had to move to Albuquerque to find jobs.
    I thought about that a lot. How terribly sad. Something must be done. I live in Las Vegas. Why aren’t there jobs, here? All the people I know in the little towns in New Mexico have the same problem.

  • Letters to the Editor - Aug. 28, 2015

    Mora a county of strong faith
    The Mora Fiestas went well this year. There were several floats with good messages, such as the one for Pro Life. In my day abortion was never even thought of.
    I had a float on Divine Mercy  as a memorial for Pope John Paul the second who died on the eve of Divine Mercy. He felt the only hope for this troubled world was prayer. The Divine Mercy prayer has worked many miracles in my life.

  • Letters to the Editor - Aug. 21, 2015

    Proud of Las Vegas
    As summer 2015 rolls into a new season, it is with beaming pride we want to congratulate and thank everyone who has made signature events like the Fourth of July Fiestas, Rough Rider Motorcycle Rally, Heritage Week, and the Cowboy Reunion enormously successful.

  • Letters to the Editor -August 7, 2015

    Mora County has new fire district
    During the past year the Mora County Commission, and subsequently the State Fire Marshal’s Office, have established a new fire district in Mora County. The SBR Volunteer Fire Department is assuming responsibility for the Sierra Bonita and Rincon Ranch neighborhoods as well as a 45- square-mile area from Coyote Creek State Park northward to the Mora/Colfax County line.

  • Letter to the Editor - July 31, 2015

    Writer unhappy with city

  • Letters to the Editor - July 24, 2015

    Our missing girls
    I wish to thank the Optic for giving prominent coverage to the report on the American Association of University Women’s Tech Trek free residential camp for eighth grade girls, just held at New Mexico Highlands University. I talked extensively with some of the members of the local branch of the AAUW and learned of the joyful enthusiasm of participating girls from throughout the state.

  • Letters to the Editor - July 17, 2015

    Trump’s comments outrageous
    I may be technically an “Anglo” or “gringo” in New Mexico, but my people, the Jews,  were murdered by the millions during World War II — and before — for being “outsiders.” Whatever our religion and ethnicity, almost all of our ancestors have been demonized and murdered at various times in history, when it suited the demagogues in power to do so.

  • Letters to the Editor - July 10, 2015

    Contradicting nature
    Change your sex, just because you say so, no problemo.

    Same-sex parents are just as good at raising kids as a female Mom and a male Dad. Right On!

    Kill your own offspring; it’s your right after all.

    This is liberal “progressivism” in our Democratic Party. Absurd? Yes, but these behaviors are celebrated in our media-driven culture. They are applauded today, but they will not last.

  • Letters to the Editor - July 3, 2015

    Campos has done much for county