• Mil Gracias

    Luna Community College would like to show its gratitude for the fourth annual Custom Car Show & Shine that we co-sponsored.

  • Don't forget the victim

    There’s been several write-ups in the Optic in recent months about a young man, Karl Chamberlain, who was recently executed in Texas.

    Most of what has been written, has been in my view, to evoke sympathy for Chamberlain. Comparatively little has been written about the crime, the victim, or her family. It almost seems they have been forgotten.

  • Mil Gracias

    Luna Community College would like to show its gratitude for the fourth annual Custom Car Show & Shine that we co-sponsored.

  • Mil Gracias

    On June 11, Keep Las Vegas Beautiful along with the Community Base Service/PSR cleaned up litter around the River Walk. Keep Las Vegas Beautiful wants to acknowledge PSR and the city’s Solid Waste Department on a job well done.

    Kelly Jean Eversole

    Las Vegas

  • Democrats sell out in Congress

    June 20 was a sad day for Democrats and liberals around the country — proof that Democratic control of the House and Senate means absolutely nothing. This was the day that the House approved passage of the amended FISA bill — the bill that virtually assures immunity to law-breaking telecommunications companies and grants the government new powers to spy upon its citizens.

  • Not winning election has its own merits

    The primary election is over and the people have spoken. I know that when you spend time and money on campaigning and then lose the election, it’s very discouraging. But in an election there really are no losers, because when you throw your hat in the ring you are really telling your community that you feel you can make a difference.

  • A friendly appeal

    This letter is in reference to our neighborhood in the Blue Ridge sub-division. It concerns the litter problem that we are facing, and I am afraid that it will get worse before it gets better if we don’t take charge of it and soon.

    We all know that dumps create gases, rats and mice that are and can be deadly, and can produce a wave of illnesses. I am most concerned about the children who will inherit all of it in the years to come.

  • Execution took on a personal meaning

    I am an optimist, or so I would like to think. I would like to go on thinking that this country has made real progress in defending human rights during my life time.

  • A hardworking, visionary governor

    Regardless of what some negative people think, our political system, and in general our wellbeing as citizens from New Mexico is good. Our hardworking Gov. Richardson works 24 hours a day for New Mexico, even when he was campaigning for president. Although some backward thinking people seemed to think senators, governors, etc. should campaign from within their state!

    Many of Gov. Richardson’s economic initiatives were formulated while out of state. Initiatives included small and large business enterprises, tourism, health care, education, and security measures.

  • Real property not being undervalued

    A recent article in the Mora Communicator dated May 16-30 attempts to portray me and my deputy as intentionally undervaluing our personal property. Please note, the property is not personal, it is real property. The Mora Communicator’s staff of one didn’t have the courtesy of talking with me. In any case, it has been previously reported that practically all properties are undervalued because of the grazing status with practically none overvalued. It is also common knowledge that further studies/reappraisals will be forthcoming.