• Mil Gracias

    The San Miguel/Mora Safe Kids Coalition chapter would like to thank the following for there support, donations and contributions:

    Community 1st Bank, Las Vegas Optic, Victory Home Health, Las Vegas Fire Department, Sun Loan, Leger’s Package Liquors, and KFUN.

    This will make a huge difference in ensuring the safety and injury prevention of the children in our communities your dedication is greatly appreciated. Mil Gracias.

    William Cruz


    San Miguel/Mora Safe Kids Coalition


  • Your money is safe at community banks

    Recent headlines would lead you to believe that money for mortgages has dried up. The truth is community banks have money to lend to homeowners for new purchases and to refinance existing mortgages. We offer the same mortgages we always have. Community banks are weathering the credit storm because we are well run, highly capitalized and among the most highly regulated financial institutions in the country. Our depositors’ money is safe with us.

  • Thanks for rapid, thorough response

    I wanted to say a big thank you to the police department and Walgreens for their quick, efficient and professional assistance in handling a situation that I was recently involved in.

    A few days ago, while shopping in Walgreens, I foolishly left my wallet momentarily on the cash register counter. When I looked back, it was mysteriously gone! The store clerk called the manager, who quickly reviewed the video recording and informally described the person who had picked up the wallet and had walked out of the store while I was fussing with my bags.

  • Pets also at risk when roaming

    Persons who allow their dogs to roam are not only putting their “pet” at risk but also those livestock who are vulnerable to attack from dogs unfamiliar with those animals we raise for food, hopefully profit, and pleasure. I have suffered innumerable losses over the years from neighbors dogs, strays and packs of dogs from town. My neighbors didn’t even have the courtesy to apologize much less offer to pay for my losses.

  • Killer dogs a serious threat

    Regarding alleged animal cruelty in chicken killing case (Aug. 13): Dog owners endanger their pets by loosing them near vulnerable livestock. Tempting the dogs to kill is cruel to both the dogs and their victims.

    Given sufficient size and opportunity, the sweetest pet may become a killer. The instinct to kill varies among and within breeds.

    When predators begin killing livestock, the options are limited. Shooting is safer and surer than poisoning or trapping.

  • Jazzmine, Raven good columnists

    I would like to compliment your newspaper for the columns written by Raven Romero and Jazzmine Freedom. These columns were well written, timely, and entertaining.

    I hope that your newspaper finds interns who will be able to follow in the footsteps of these two young ladies.

    Bruce Wertz

    Las Vegas

  • Dogs dumped off on highway

    My husband and I witnessed a despicable act by some people on July 24 while traveling from Mora to Las Vegas on Highway 518. Two dogs were released by these individuals on the highway without regard to the safety of the animals.

  • Reporter takes hit, but still tell it as-is

    Recently, a reporter for this newspaper was threatened with destruction of his character, reputation and even livelihood. It’s not worth repeating what happened other than to note that the perpetrator was caught and punished, though in my book not commensurate with the potential impact to the reporter.

    It can’t be easy telling it like it is for a small-town newspaper, as some people are bound to get their noses out of joint. A cold shoulder and much more likely happen on occasion, and are directed at the individual and probably sometimes the family too.

  • Starstruck no more

    When I grew up (long, long ago), Hollywood was glamorous and exciting, at least to a child. Needless to say, I have always been “Star Struck.”

    As I grew older my views regarding the film industry evolved and matured. However, I have still been fascinated with the mega movie, special effects and the red carpet at the Academy Awards.

    When the movies came to Las Vegas my support was strong. “Red Dawn” in 1984 remains one of my favorite movies. I heard the guns and helicopters at 2 a.m., but it really didn’t bother me.

  • A 'more accurate version' of story

    You report that the new golf course is an outcome of Mike Koldyke persuading our legislature to fund it. The more accurate version of this story is that Mike, the creator of the concept of a revamped, high-quality, local course with attractive residential potential, personally asked Gov. Bill Richardson for the first $1.5 million to make it happen. I know this because I was sitting between them, at an Isotopes game, when Mike described his idea, made his request and Bill said “yes.”