• Real property not being undervalued

    A recent article in the Mora Communicator dated May 16-30 attempts to portray me and my deputy as intentionally undervaluing our personal property. Please note, the property is not personal, it is real property. The Mora Communicator’s staff of one didn’t have the courtesy of talking with me. In any case, it has been previously reported that practically all properties are undervalued because of the grazing status with practically none overvalued. It is also common knowledge that further studies/reappraisals will be forthcoming.

  • Correction

    A letter that appeared on April 18, which criticized candidates who illegally post their campaign signs and implicating District 68 House candidate Benjie Regensberg, may have been submitted under false pretenses. The Optic has been unable to confirm that Matias Silva, who reportedly wrote the letter, was the actual author.

    The Optic regrets the matter.

  • La Fiesta a real community event

    Thank you, Tom McDonald, for the excellent coverage of this year’s Fiesta de la Hispanidad and the kind editorial.

  • Congratulations GED students

    The Adult Basic Education/General Equivalency Diploma staff at Luna Community College would like to congratulate our 2007-08 GED graduates. Their achievement has been made possible through their determination, perseverance and dedication. We are proud of you and commend you on a job well done. Good luck and good wishes as you progress along life’s path. We will continue to watch your achievement with interest and pride.

  • Support for the union was evident

    Thank you Las Vegas!

    The horns tooted and the people waved in recognition of the union!

    The positive responses to the demonstration May 1 at Mills and 7th Street proved that the citizens of Las Vegas know the union at Alta Vista Hospital is a necessary step toward better health care for all.

    The union was voted in by the Alta Vista workers, but management will not recognize the will of the people. Negotiations cannot happen until management admits the union and the people have won.

  • Government raid signifies much more

    I have to respond to all the media (generated?) flurry about the so-called “cult” the state government raided, impounded and plundered in Texas! “Alas, alas for the day is at hand.” Is this the United States of America or Stalinist Russia/Hitler Germany? This unlawful, brutal action by the government is an atrocity! All of it is based on an alleged complaint by one person who said she was misused! Real, observable abuses of people prevail daily everywhere in America, and what does the government do? Nothing!

  • Mil Gracias

    I would like to take this time to thank several businesses for their contribution to the Youth Athletic Basketball League Junior Timberwolves team. I took the initiative to coach for the first time and I was pleased to see so many businesses support our youth. Thank you to Veronica Allen and the entire Wal-Mart staff for your donation. Thank you to the Community First Bank and the Bank of Las Vegas. Thank you to Cody, Kim Smith and the Watrous Valley Ranch. Thank you to the Elks Lodge #20. Thank you to the Las Vegas Police Officers Association.

  • Mil Gracias

    On March 20, the Fort Union series, Glimpses of the Past, presented “Footlights in the Foothills: A Glimpse of the Theatrical Past of Las Vegas and Fort Union.” We had a large, enthusiastic audience, and the performances were “top-notch.”I am writing to thank the people who generously offered their talents, time and energy to help make the evening successful and enjoyable: Deborah Blanche of Palomita Productions; Tim Crofton, Theatre Arts Instructor, and United World College Theatre Arts students Jonah Bailin (juggler), Gaurav Khanal (actor

  • Mil Gracias

    I wish to thank the San Miguel County commissioners for an outstanding job! Thank you goes to the following folks at the county: most of all to commissioner Kenny Medina, to County Manager Les Montoya, to Supervisor Harold Garcia and also to the worker-bee, John Vigil.Thank you so much.Rudy GallegosLas Vegas

  • Mil Gracias

    On behalf of all educators in New Mexico and all the individuals involved in the educational profession, I would like to commend you for your contribution to education in the form of the Educator of the Year Award. When I embarked on my career in the teaching profession, 30 years ago, I never imagined that I would be selected to be the recipient of such an outstanding honor. When your great organization presented the Educator of the Year award to me, I was truly overwhelmed with pleasure and gratitude.