• Editorial:Time to act on driver’s licenses

    It’s been entertaining to watch Gov. Susana Martinez and Democrats in the state Legislature duke it out year after year over the governor’s desire to repeal the state law that allows undocumented immigrants to obtain New Mexico driver’s licenses.

    But the time for political theatre is over.

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  • Editorial: A sad state of affairs

    When the Optic broke the news that Mora Superintendent Charles Trujillo had faked his credentials in order to obtain his administrative license, Charles Goodmacher, a spokesman for the National Education Association New Mexico, asked a simple question:

    “If the allegations are true, who will hold them responsible for failing to demonstrate to the students of Mora, Luna Community College and NMHU the values of upholding high ethical and moral standards as required by our professional code of ethics?” he asked.

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  • Editorial: A fair compromise

    There’s no question that Dianna Duran violated the public trust.

    While serving as secretary of state, Duran funneled more than $13,000 from her campaign finance accounts into her personal accounts and then withdrew the money at casinos across the state. In an apparent effort to cover her tracks, Duran then proceeded to file false campaign finance reports with her own office, the very entity responsible for enforcing the state’s election and campaign finance laws.

  • Editorial cartoon - Oct. 25, 2015
  • Editorial: A serious breach

    System failure. There is no other way to describe the massive breach at the state Public Education Department that allowed one of its employees to walk away with four educator licenses based on a faked transcript and embellished work experience.

    This newspaper broke the story about Charles Trujillo’s deceptions in last Sunday’s edition, and our findings have led to the launching of two separate investigations, one by PED and the other by New Mexico Highlands University. PED officials have also brought state police into the matter.

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  • Doing the right thing

    Saturday will mark the second anniversary of the deaths of Cochise Bayhan, 56, and Alex Montoya, 61, two boarding home patients who died from carbon monoxide poisoning in the backyard shed where they were being housed.

    Denise A. Encinias, 42, and Jose Encinias, 49, the operators of the “boarding home” had been scheduled to stand trial for those deaths this week. Just days before that trial was to have begun, the couple entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors. They each pleaded no contest to two counts of neglect of a resident resulting in death, second degree felonies.