• Thumbs

    thumb up FINALLY, A DECISION. We have expressed our reservations — not so much with the man but with the duel role he will play, and the problems inherent with having a politician president — but now it’s time to move on, and for Luna Community College to go forward with its new president, state Sen. Pete Campos.He will fill out his contract as superintendent of the Las Vegas City Schools district, which expires June 30, and start the job in July.

  • Another item for the call

    So Bill Richardson is back home, ready to sink his energy into state business once again. It’s coming at the right time, on the eve of this year’s 30-day legislative session.As he stood at the podium in the Roundhouse on Thursday, the governor vowed to jump post haste back in to the state’s business. In the session starting this week, he said he wants to pass a sweeping health insurance plan for the state — something we applaud enthusiastically.

  • Leadership toward unity

    Ours is a religiously eclectic community. Were mostly Catholic but theres also a strong Protestant presence, and beyond those theologies we have every kind of faith-based prospective imaginable and just about all of us are OK with that.

    Of course, the law of the land specifically our First Amendment right to worship as we please sets the national tone for religious tolerance but, still, there is a greater acceptance out here in the Southwest than in some other parts.

  • 2003 firing was a mistake

    Former West Las Vegas Superintendent Barbara Perea Casey, and her husband, Frank, a special education teacher’s aide, received $375,000 to settle a lawsuit over their 2003 firings.

    The settlement had the typical provisions: The district couldn’t say anything bad about them, and at the same time, West Las Vegas acknowledged no wrongdoing in the terminations.

    At first glance, that’s a bit unsatisfying.