• Don’t misrepresent yourself

    Mired in Brett Kavanaugh’s recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings were disputes about incidents and characterizations about what the man had done decades ago, and how he conducted himself.

    The hearings became as much about whether Kavanaugh was telling the truth as it was about the facts of his life.

  • One size doesn’t fit all K-12 districts

    There is little debate as to how important literacy is within the first few grades of elementary school. There is plenty of debate, however, about how much help those young students need and what the best ways are to have literate fourth-graders.

  • No more Tang or microwavable sausage

    In the 1960s, 70s and 80s, we learned about all sorts of food conveniences, like microwavable sausage and Tang. We need to give those up.

    Many of us are in no position to stand on some moral high ground (or compost heap) and claim superiority to others, eating only organic berries and organic twigs (from organic trees).

  • Colorado’s weed celebration won’t be duplicated

    It would be great if New Mexico, or any other state, could experience the same windfall and sense of progressive righteousness that seem to have befallen Colorado in the wake of the state’s legalization of recreational marijuana. However, it isn’t going to happen the same way.

  • Luna still has time —but not much

    It’s impossible to paint Luna Community College with giant brush stroke — even if the paint were to be made up of the combination of both the honey dripping off of a sopaipilla and some spoiled salsa from the back of the refrigerator.

  • Why’s a free press important?

    If the best disinfectant is sunshine, it’s important to remember that preventive medicine is just as effective as curing diseases.

    A free press doesn’t simply exist to help weed out corrupt or ill-intentioned people and practices from our government and the business world. It’s also the watchdog that helps shape the way business is conducted and the degree of honesty and number of rules followed — simply by being present and asking questions.

  • Sleepwalking Gen-Xers still contribute

    Demographers generally regard Americans and other western-hemisphere dwellers born between 1965 and 1985 as Generation X.

    Perhaps this is because there is an X where this is supposed to be data about contributions from that generation, or meaningful learning that took place for those people.

    As it turns out, many of the people in that generation were asleep at the wheel.

  • SFPS is on to something

    Even though Santa Fe Public Schools dropped a proposal this week that would have consequenced student-athletes themselves for their unruly parents’ actions, San Miguel and Mora county school districts should look into what similar policies it could enact to improve sideline behavior in this area.

  • Mayor, please pick up the pace

    EDITOR'S NOTE: The City of Las Vegas emailed the Optic an organizational meeting agenda late on the afternoon of July 27, after the print edition of the July 29 Optic had gone to press. The agenda for the meeting, to be held Tuesday, July 31, lists appointees for only the city attorney and chief of police positions.

  • UNM shouldn't nix men’s soccer

    When soccer players flop down onto the turf and seem to exaggerate injury in widely televised international matches, it draws the ire of the social media world — and brings more hate on a sport that already seems to draw the most hate of all.

    College soccer has its share of flops as well, but no sport has done more to further the development of young men and women through athletics in New Mexico and to further the economic development of the state.