• Thanks for nothing, LCC Trustees

    Every time the Luna Community College Board of Trustees seems about ready to finally let Charlie Brown kick the football, the board members reassert their role as “Lucy” and yank the football away from the community.

    While the Luna Community College Board of Trustees might have met accreditation criteria with its presidential search — perhaps — the search did no favors for the community.

  • Campos should focus on ‘micro’ rather than ‘macro’

    With the third-longest-serving senator representing them, San Miguel, Mora and other District 8 counties should be getting more results on specific bills from Sen. Pete Campos.

    Yes, the senator, who has served since 1990. Introduced a few important bills this year, but we need someone that can lead the entire state and still get help to meet the needs of constituents.

  • Men MUST treat women better

    Since October of 2017, when two articles in national publications exposed Harvey Weinstein to the masses as an accused rapist, the “Me Too” movement picked up steam, garnering much general support for women’s rights and curtailing sexual abuse and harassment.

    So, what can men do in San Miguel and Mora counties to counteract and reduce the prevalence of these issues in their own communities?

  • The Simpsons illuminate our weaknesses

    Some of us prefer heavy books to their lighter, digital counterparts, in most cases, we wish regular, old encyclopedias could be updated and reprinted, inexpensively, with a simple web edit.

  • Editorial Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019

    An open letter to Ms. Judy Chicago of Belen, N.M.,

    Ms. Chicago:

    We know they didn’t name a city in Illinois after you for nothing. Come to Las Vegas and be part of our arts community.

  • Health insurance protects financial and physical health

    By Marlene C. Baca

    As we near the end of the year, we naturally begin planning for 2019. When you make resolutions for better financial and physical health at the start of the new year, health insurance may not be at the top of your list. However, adequate health coverage will have a dramatic impact on both your financial and your overall health and well-being.

  • No place for neglect in a caring Meadow City

    Las Vegas is all about healthcare and people welfare. From its 125-year-old state hospital, to its 125-year-old university that holds its school of social work as a huge part of its modern identity, caring for others is what, over time, the city has been built upon.

  • Hey, Hector: your home area needs better information

    Many of the causes Attorney General Hector Balderas has pursued within the past couple of years are noble. However, the Optic would like to remind him there are many issues to be resolved “at home.”

  • ‘This IS our lane’

    The following editorial was recently published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

    More than 30,000 Americans are killed by firearms annually, far more than in any other industrialized nation.

    To anyone not in the thrall or the pocket of the National Rifle Association, the cause is clear: America also has far more guns per capita than any industrialized nation, and far looser gun laws.

    It’s why our streets, schools and places of worship are so often engulfed in carnage.

  • There's still a great need for firefighters

    Newspapers receive reader feedback all the time in debates over numbers in education and law enforcement, and whether having more personnel really solves a problem or just adds to taxpayer costs.

    We don’t get any complaints that there are too many firefighters in the world.