• ‘The Perk’ gets new name

    Buildings that dot the Highlands University campus usually bear the name of an exemplary person who contributed — through public works, outstanding service or financial donations — to the institution.

    This column will by no means attempt to provide a history of naming buildings; rather, it concerns actions, some of which bear explanation.

  • Completing 60 trips around the sun

    Today I change the tens digit on my age. It is my birthday! I have made it 60 times around the sun.

    Yet despite six decades in the rear view mirror, I look forward to my years ahead and I believe the best is yet to come!

    Although my birth certificate shows I am 60 years old, I have actually experienced 64.4 years of life. More on this later.

    Today is the youngest I will ever be for the rest of my life. Today is also the wisest I have ever been since I was born. Both of these concepts come together for today.

  • The election and its final twists and turns

    The way I figure it, the Republicans are getting the Supreme Court judge they want but they’re going pay for it by losing big in the midterm elections.

    If Democrats don’t at least take the U.S. House this time around, I’ll be both stunned and disappointed. America needs a check on Trump’s irrational hold over Washington, and I’ll bet a lot of outraged, anti-Trump people — particularly women — are going to vote with a vengeance this year.

  • ‘Stay out of my dreams’

    I had an interesting conversation with Diana, a former student in my journalism classes at Highlands University.

    She was scheduled to be my wife around that time, but before Bonnie (my real wife) reads this, let me explain that the nuptials Diana and I were scheduled to exchange were part of the plot to “Exit the Body,” by Fred Carmichael,

    The two-act comedy never materialized — because certain members of the full cast chose parties over rehearsals.

  • Everything but the kitchen sink

    We are remodeling the kitchen. That is to say, Mark has removed the cabinets and is putting together new ones in the dining area of our small bungalow.

    May I stress our bungalow is 950 square feet. Plenty of space for Mark, our dog Java, and me most of the time.

    But now, the contents of the discarded kitchen cabinets are precariously balanced on every surface.
    Boxes filled with kitchen appliances and utensils have been taken to the basement and placed wherever there is floor space.

  • What does it mean to be humble?

    What does it mean to be humble? Is this something you ever think about? Do you ever speak about being humble? Who is the most humble person you know?

    Has anyone ever told you they are humble? Somehow this seems to defeat the characteristic of being humble. This attribute is best bestowed on a person by others.
    Arrogance and pride are the enemies of humbleness.

  • Where politics and morality have merged

    Since everyone’s talking about the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, I’ll write about something else.

    Just kidding. How can I ignore this historic moment? It’s just too full of politics and moral outrages, truths and justices to ignore — and its impact upon the upcoming election looms large.

  • Travel to Canada, eastern U.S. yields mixture of facts

    BOSTON — ”You’re from New Mexico? How far are you from Mexico City?” I kind of wish that hadn’t been the millionth time I’ve needed to answer that question.

    I’m not necessarily denigrating others’ sketchy knowledge of American geography, merely needing to explain that we’re not very close to that huge metropolis.

  • Why not be the best version of you?

    There is a bumper sticker that reads “THERE ARE TWO THINGS I HATE: CHANGE AND THE WAY THINGS ARE.” Have you ever felt this way? By working on both of these maybe the car owner can slap a new bumper sticker on top of the old one: “THERE ARE TWO THINGS I LOVE: CHANGE AND THE WAY THINGS ARE!”

    Are you the best version of you? If so, congratulations! You don’t need to read his column. Skip it and move on to the next article. But if you have room for improvement, read on.

  • New Mexico doesn’t fall for the red-baiting issues

    Recently a couple of my Arkansas relatives came through town and we took the time to decry the political state of our Union. Mostly we agreed, so everyone survived.

    Talking politics can kill a friendly conversation quickly (unless it’s among like-minded people, then it’s the life of the party), and throw a little religion into the mix and you’ve got a powder keg waiting to explode. But we went there anyway.