• He didn’t change a thing with his life

    His tombstone read “HERE LIES NED. HE DIDN’T CHANGE A SINGLE THING WITH THE LIFE HE LIVED.” It is a very sad story, but the tombstone was right. Ned was born, he lived 74 years, and then he died. Nothing Ned did in his life made any difference in this world. Nothing.

  • Building a solid foundation takes teamwork

    On March 16, 2019, the New Mexico Legislature reached the end of one of the busiest sessions in recent memory, giving us all, legislators and citizens, a lot to reflect on and to anticipate for the upcoming interim.

  • A mixed state legislative session

    Lawmakers in New Mexico have listened. A poll conducted by the Albuquerque Journal about two months before last year’s election found voters identified crime, education and homelessness as some of the top problems in need of solutions in our state. 

  • Gambler putting game show in jeopardy

    You may not be aware of it, but our pre-primetime way of life is undergoing a big change these days. Jeopardy! is being transformed.

  • Step into the arena and dare greatly

    Do you live life in the bleachers or in the arena? Living life right should be living life in the arena. Each of us has been equipped to do great things, but to do so we need to have the courage and bravery to step into the arena. That single step makes all the difference in the days we have.

    Unfortunately, most of mankind is fearful of what may happen if they step in the arena. So they never do. They live their lives in the bleachers never to enter the arena. They live on the outside looking in.

  • Amy Hufnal has come to town

    Sunday, May 5, at 2:30 p.m., Amy Hufnal will conduct the Linda Vista Community Chorus at St. Paul’s Peace Church.

    The $5 admission goes to pay for the singers’ music. The opening number “Psallite-Praetorious” will be sung in German and Latin. You’ll hear 11 songs, including “Blow, Gabriel, Blow,” “All that Jazz,” “Homeward Bound,” and an Armed Forces Salute. The concluding piece will be the haunting “Until We Meet Again.”

  • Foggy FDA guidance harms Americans

    FDA officials are sending mixed messages about a genetic test they just approved and the lack of clarity could jeopardize Americans’ health.

    The test, from genomics firm 23andMe, is simple to use. Folks order it online and mail in their saliva samples. Within weeks, 23andMe analyzes their DNA for nearly three dozen genetic variants. Those variants can help predict how consumers would metabolize commonly prescribed drugs such as antidepressants and blood thinners.

  • Read the report; reach your own conclusions

    If Donald Trump wants to convince the public that the Mueller report vindicates him, he needs to keep us from reading the report ourselves.

    Or even part of it. Just a couple of hours of reading its summaries and conclusions (which I did over the weekend, and look forward to reading it entirely when time permits) will leave you seriously concerned about Russian meddling and downright disgusted with how badly Trump has behaved since taking office.

  • Great Easter occasions

    “You don’t look a day over 90!” Yes, I’ve heard that before, usually from well-meaning acquaintances that believe they must inject a bit of humor into well-wishes.

    Here’s what happened:

  • Offending others in your daily life

    When you have a mouthful of steaming hot coffee, whatever you do next is wrong!

    I think of this from time to time when I find myself in a position when whatever happens next is not going to be good. There are times when we find ourselves in places in life where there are no good options. Our challenge in these situations is to find the least worst choice.