• Just a Thought - Take a deep breath and be present

    By Rick Kraft

    It is really important to follow my instructions today. Okay? Sit real still. Clear your mind. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Take a deep breath. Exhale. One more time, take a deep breath. Exhale.

    Good job! I want you to be present in the present. Not just partially present, but fully present. One hundred percent present. Absorb the moment you are in. Absorb what is around you. Don’t think about what happened yesterday or a year ago. Don’t worry about what may happen tomorrow.

  • Dispatch New Mexico- Who will win the state in 2016?

    By the time New Mexico’s preferential primaries roll around on June 7, some 40 other states will have already voted for their party’s candidate. That means there’s a good chance the nation’s Democrats and Republicans will have already decided who their nominees will be, even if it isn’t official until they hold their national conventions in July 2016.

    But no worries, New Mexicans will still get to vote in the November general election — and that could actually make a difference in a close race.

  • Work of Art: Cleansing Playboy magazine

    What? Playboy’s becoming sanitized. Thus read the headline in one of countless newspapers and magazines over Hugh Hefner’s decision to stop featuring nudes in the publication that spurred the nudity trend on Dec. 1, 1953, with a revealing photo of Marilyn Monroe.

    Playboy, “the magazine that men read for its intelligent articles (the daring photos of women being purely incidental), has decided to cover up feminine attributes. Hefner’s plan to pitch the pulchritude is probably predicated by the plenitude of provocative poses on our PC. Wrrronngg. (More on that in a few paragraphs).

  • Another Perspective: Mediation week in New Mexico

    By Edward L. Chavez

    The New Mexico Supreme Court declared the week of October 11, 2015 as Mediation Week. If you or your business are in a lawsuit or know that soon you will be in a lawsuit, you may be concerned about the potential costs and time involved in resolving the dispute. If so, mediation in the courts is a less expensive and time-consuming option available to you.

  • Just a Thought - If you are a fisherman, go fishing!

    By Rick Kraft

    What have you been called to do in your life? Do you have a calling? I believe the correct answer to this question is “yes!”

    Each of us has a calling. If you are operating within your calling, as a general rule you look forward to what you do each day. If you are operating outside your calling, your typical day is a bad experience! If your life is satisfying and fulfilling, you may well be living within your calling.

  • Another Perspective: On racism, sin and ignorance

    By John Geffroy

    I agree with Rick Kraft that discussion of race-related issues is uncomfortable, and necessarily embroils us in controversy (“We are missing the entire racial issue,” Sept. 13), and I found the long quote he provided from a Facebook post by football player Ben Watson touching and illuminating.

  • Think New Mexico’s latest brilliant brainstorm

    It should be no surprise to any of my regular readers that I’m a big fan of Think New Mexico. It’s important to our state to have a nonpartisan think tank researching quality-of-life issues and pushing for changes, especially in the legislature, that benefit all New Mexicans instead of a self-interested few. Plus, it has a track record for actually getting things done, which is a much better alternative to the noise that typically comes out of partisan rhetoric.

  • A work of Art: Avoid that huge pothole

    A sizeable pothole near a crosswalk at the Behavioral Health Institute is large enough to cause serious damage. The hole is about 15 by 15 inches, but the worrisome aspect of the hole is its depth, possibly four inches.

  • Another Perspective: Letting the countryside dwindle away

    By Richard Lindeborg

    Who does this describe? [Our] “heart and soul is being ripped out. We have allowed the rural counties to wither away into poverty and neglect, with few local services left. In small towns across the country, police stations, post offices, banks, and libraries have closed. Local groceries, which have no hope of competing with major supermarkets . . . have gone out of business.

  • Just a Thought - Happiness, joy, discontentment and money

    By Rick Kraft

    What makes you happy?  What robs you of your joy?  What makes you discontent? What are you a slave to?  Let me address these questions and in particular connect them to money.

    I enjoy listening to sermons on my ipod from several pastors across the country. My favorite pastor to listen to is Dr. Andy Stanley of North Point Church, north of Atlanta, Ga. It is possible that I have heard every one of his sermons for the past 15 years.