• State needs to stand up for Anton Chico

    The following editorial was recently published in the Guadalupe County Communicator.

    A recent petition opposing the transfer of water rights to a wealthy oilman who bought a ranch upstream from Anton Chico should get the governor’s attention, if she isn’t in someone’s hip pocket already.

    Gov. Susana Martinez has been a friend to the oil and gas industry since before she was elected in 2010 — and no wonder.

  • America’s identity found in shared values

    This column originally published in the Optic on June 30, 2017

    When George Washington became this nation’s first president, it was a fractured nation. Even more than we are today.

  • Men who risked it all to create America

    If you want to start a revealing conversation ask the question, “If you could witness only one event in the history of mankind, what event would it be?” Many events jump into my mind, such as watching Jesus perform one of his miracles or being present when Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address.

  • This week, we celebrate a champion

    My heart skipped a beat when I learned that Dolores Huerta was named the Grand Marshal for our Fiestas Parade on Saturday. I have been a huge admirer of Huerta ever since I heard her speak at my daughter Sarah Urech’s Women Leadership Center in Rhinebeck, N.Y.

    My es-teem only increased after seeing “Dolores,” a riveting documentary. Actually I saw the film twice at our very own Indigo theatre. Thank you, Elmo Baca.

  • Dividing up California — and the rest of the nation

    We might or might not want our salsa to come from New York City, and we might even think California is too flaky for our traditional values, but the reality is, those are the places where most national trends get started.

    Moreover, on the West Coast, we have a bellwether of sorts when it comes to political trends — thanks to California’s infamous ballot initiatives.

  • Do people really ‘infest’?

    There are many degrees of expression. Often, when we refer to opinions, the descriptions of others undergo much fine-tuning.

    For example, if we have a strong opinion on a topic like religion or politics, we might say, about ourselves, “I am firm.” But, applied to whoever we’re arguing with, we might say, “You are stubborn,” and to someone we don’t like, the description might be, “He is an obstinate fool,” and finally, to a sworn enemy, someone could even say, “He’s a pig-headed bigot.”

  • Achieving the quest of financial security

    By Rick Kraft

    In the lives we live we all basically want the same things: happiness, health, and financial security. But with these as targets, many of us miss the mark.

    There is often a large gap between what we want and what we are willing to do to accomplish what we want. What is in our heads does not always play out in our actions. And it does no good to think, think, and think without taking action.

  • Strengthen New Mexico — focus on families

    In recent decades, the structure of the New Mexican family has changed significantly.

  • Human rights and principled Americans

    DENVER, Colo. — Every now and then, I serve as chauffer for my good friend and former wife, Junko. She hates to drive but, from time to time, needs to take a road trip for one reason or another, and since I enjoy road trips and live nearby, I do the driving.

    Last week she needed to go to the Japanese Consulate in Denver to renew her passport, so I drove her up from New Mexico. It took her only a few minutes to take care of business, leaving us with a day to kill in the heart of the city.

  • A dose of teardrop therapy

    I needed to reach for my box of Kleenex before starting this column. I promise this effort will not be the “‘bawl-o-rama’ of the ages,” but since I’m in a bit of a funk anyway, well, what better way to vent than to put things in writing?

    Many years ago, cousin Chris, who is about my age, chummed around with me when I visited in Santa Fe. Soon, an uncle drove up, and I ran to greet him. But before I got to the car, his terrier leaped up from the back seat and took a chunk out of my chest, right at the nipple.