• Work of Art: Fair and balanced?

    A little teaser headline atop one of the “news” magazines that appear on people’s laptops shows an obviously contented Hillary Clinton. The text dubs that action of the presidential candidate as “laughing hysterically.”

    All right. Now we have the essential elements that draw our attention, as the text goes on to explain — and try to make yet another connection: There’s implicit violence.

  • Another Perspective: Seeding economic development

    By Terry Brunner

    During the last seven years, we’ve heard from a veritable plethora of experts as how to best help New Mexico recover from the recession. Economic experts and economic development professionals have their place but don’t necessarily have a monopoly on ideas. New Mexicans like you and your neighbors deserve an opportunity to have your say as well.

  • Just a Thought: Own up to your story and rise above

    It happens to all of us sooner or later. We are out there on the path of life and something causes us to stumble and fall. We’re all vulnerable to falling. The fall isn’t important, it is what happens next.

    I heard a speaker named Dr. Brene Brown at a conference last month in Atlanta. She is the author of two No. 1 New York Times Bestsellers, “Daring Greatly” and “The Gifts of Imperfection.” She writes about falling and what it takes to get back up.

  • Palabras Pinturescas: For years, family headed out to Apache Canyon for piñon picking

    This is the time of year we remember celebrations and of course the wonderful foods, the meals that make our day (or week) a fun and tasty time. And that reminds me of days past and the fun events in my odd life.

  • Thankful for the generations that constitute a family

    ROSWELL — As you get older, you get more used to death. At the very least, you become familiar with seeing your elders pass on.

    Death can be painful, oftentimes more so for the ones left behind. It’s a tragedy when a loved one’s life is cut short; for parents, the loss of a child must be the worst. Thankfully, I haven’t gone through that, but I can imagine how incredibly heartwrenching it is.

  • Work of Art: Revisiting Nuremberg trials

    NUREMBERG, Germany — It’s an eerie feeling, standing above the actual courtroom where possibly recent history’s most infamous trial took place. Through the years there have been attempts to keep the ‘40s structure suitable for visitors’ tours, but there’s evidence some of the improvements didn’t take place until possibly the past two decades.

  • Beth Speaks for Herself - Thankful for Thanksgiving

    As a child, I loved Thanksgiving! Turkey, yes! Stuffing, yes! Pumpkin pie, yes! I relished my mom’s salad made with cranberries and orange segments mixed into jello and then scooped into little tin molds. Once set, the mold was dipped briefly into hot water and then plunked onto an iceberg lettuce leaf and topped with a dollop of mayonnaise.

  • Just A Thought: A Norman Rockwell family Thanksgiving
  • Palabras Pinturescas: Native American jewelry part of family’s history

    Life is always brighter here when my youngest granddaughter, a helicopter pilot, drops in for a visit.

    She has flown at least 300 hours in a helicopter fighting forest fires in California, and now she, her machine, and crew move to Colorado to do game counts for their state game and fish department. She hopes there will be snow on the ground there, which makes these counts much easier as the white background is helpful.

  • Attacks on Paris another chance to get the war right

    ROSWELL — War is a man-made institution, the worst thing we ever created. But there are times in which it’s either kill or be killed, so it becomes a necessity for survival.

    It’s no surprise that, last week, when terrorists killed civilians in one of the most culturally enriched cities on earth, the world took notice. It highlights the fact that if the world doesn’t quash ISIS, which claimed responsibility for the attacks on Paris, they’ll spread their brand of terrorism across the globe.