• Dispatch New Mexico- Being Politically Correct Isn't Easy

    It may not be wise, but let’s talk about political correctness.

    Actually, it’s politically smart to bring up PC these days. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and others have been openly critical of language that seeks to sanitize modern America, and a lot of Republican voters love them for it.

    Conservatives see PC all over the place these days, and they’re thrilled when someone takes it on.

  • A work of Art:Riding double hoss power

    He may not remember it, but to me the event is quite clear. Well maybe not that clear, perhaps a bit fuzzy, as clarity and fuzziness are what inspired this topic.

  • Another Perspective: The main thing

    For the past several years, as the holidays draw near and the legislative session looms just beyond them, I have written an article outlining the challenges facing New Mexico and trying to map out solutions to them. This year feels different.

  • Just a Thought - Being known as a drum major for justice

    Behind my desk at home is a print of a man standing in front of a desk with his arms crossed. I’ll come back to him. On the wall behind the man is a portrait of another man. The portrait of the man on the wall is Mahatma Gandhi, a major political and spiritual leader during India’s independence movement through nonviolent civil disobedience from 1916 to 1945.

  • Palabras Pinturescas: Geology of Las Vegas Region book filled with photographs

    I start this word pictures column with a sad note. My family and I send our heartfelt condolences to Art Trujillo and all of the Trujillo family on the death of their brother Severino. There is such a special sadness in all of our hearts when we lose a brother. I know this first hand, and although I knew Sweet Brother Bill was very ill, I will never forget that phone call saying he was finally telling jokes and teasing the angels in heaven. Vaya con Dios says it so well.

  • Dispatch New Mexico - Another legislative session appearing around the bend

    So here we are, at the onset of another legislative session. It’s one of the short ones, 30 days, and it’s at the front end of an election year, so it probably won’t be an overly productive one.

    Sure, a budget will be passed, since that’s essentially required by state law. But I’m not optimistic much of anything else will get done in the upcoming session.

  • Work of Art: Ah, me oh mayo

    It’s interesting how quickly and easily an item on Facebook can make its way into the pages of a newspaper such as the Optic.

    Feeling ornery last week, I posted a note on the Internet disclaiming any love for mayonnaise.

    Yes, I enjoy some of the jokes about that creamy, tasteless stuff that some people call food. I like the one about how the largest shipment of Hellman’s mayonnaise was loaded on to Titanic, back in 1912. It was headed for Mexico, where its residents love that squishy stuff.

  • Just a Thought - Make four agreements with yourself

    By Rick Kraft

    The most important conversations you will ever have are those that take place in the privacy or your own mind. God gave you the freedom to think whatever you want. You can go to your quiet place in your home, relax, close your eyes, and then “think away.” No one knows what goes on in the six inches between your ears.

    This can be called many things...dreaming, self-talk, adjusting an attitude, reminiscing, depression, and so on. There are no limits to where you can go or what you might think in the privacy of your mind.

  • Editorial Roundup - Jan. 10, 2016

    Compiled by The Associated Press

    The Times Herald-Record of Middletown on the need for more support to fight drug addiction (Jan. 3):
    In an election year sure to be dominated by a presidential campaign focusing on taxes and terrorism and by state legislative campaigns tainted with corruption, another pressing concern should not be ignored.

  • Observations, predictions for a new year

    Let’s pull out my nonexistent crystal ball and take a look at what’s in store for the state of New Mexico in the year that’s unfolding.All predictions are based on scientific data, keen observation, brilliant insights and my own roll of the dice — which guarantee accuracy in my predictions, except when they don’t.

    • It’s going to be a brutal winter. Winter Storm Goliath by itself makes it a memorable one (though it technically fell into 2015) but I’m certain more is to follow.