• Palabras Pinturescas: Today’s politicians could learn from college debaters of past

    I would be first in line to sit in on a speech class a Highlands U. at the moment. I have watched the widely aired political debates on TV and I question whether any of the various politicians, or the moderators for that matter, ever had a college level speech class that included the art of debate. 

    I don’t think the format has changed all that much in the last 60 years and the moderator very carefully lays out the ground rules at the start of each debate.

  • Dispatch New Mexico- How about a Trump-Sanders ticket?

    Last week, on the night of Super Tuesday, one of my brothers who lives in Memphis, Tenn., called me up to talk about the presidential primaries. The conversation turned lively in a hurry as we went from politics to talk of the “revolutions” now underway in our nation.

  • A work of Art: Just for antiquity’s sake

    It looks like an antique. By some people’s definition, an antique needs to be more than 100 years old.

    What I’m looking at is a vintage photo from the New York Times that shows  the newsroom of a metropolitan daily newspaper, possibly the Times newsroom itself.

  • Just a Thought - An instruction manual on living a long life

    Today I want to talk about something that you have only one of... your life. Since none of us were born with instruction manuals, how do we maximize the longevity of our lives? And how do we maximize the quality of the years we have?

    I believe that life itself is a gift. We all arrive in this world the same way, yet there are many different ways to depart. I heard it once said that we are born unique, but we die common. I think of this comment from time to time as I live my life from day to day. I strive to avoid dying “common.”

  • Palabras Pinturescas: At this funeral, attendees were polite, respectful

    My upbringing (quite a long time ago) was strict and very conventional for the time. Sweet Brother Bill and I were taught manners and expected to use them, always. We both thought our so British mother had eyes in the back of her head because she always knew where we were and who, what and how we acted.

    We were not impressed, to say the least, but both of us learned to respect this training, particularly when we became parents.

  • Dispatch New Mexico- Issues facing the smaller cities

    This week the national news may be focused on Super Tuesday, but here in New Mexico it’s the municipal elections that are making local headlines, with races being decided in cities and towns across the state.

    And since about half of all New Mexicans live in municipalities of fewer than 30,000 people, these local elections are big news in small towns throughout the state.

  • A work of Art: It’s much safer today

    On a ride back from Santa Fe, I chatted with my granddaughter Celina. The conversation began right after some dude whizzed past us. It was clear he hadn’t had an oil change in years — if ever.

    We pulled over to let the A.J. Foyt of the Rockies get way ahead of, as we didn’t wish to inhale the noxious fumes his car spewed. That prompted my second-oldest granddaughter to ask, “Was it worse when you were my age?”

  • Just a Thought: I saw my heart today in living color

    I saw my heart today. No really, I saw my heart! What an awesome experience to be able to watch my heart beating as it gives life to the rest of my body...

    In my busy world and with good health, I never really thought about the fact that technology existed that could reveal what is going on inside my heart. So I am lying there on an examining table on my left side, shirt off, electrodes stuck all over me, and my wife standing behind me while the technician is moving a hand held gadget across my chest.

  • Another Perspective: Promises made, promises kept

    The 2016 Legislative Session recently came to a close leaving lawmakers and New Mexicans to reflect on the work that was completed during the last 30 days.

     Prior to the session, New Mexicans strongly voiced their anger over the senseless loss of life we witnessed this past year. They demanded action from their lawmakers. House Republicans resolved to fix our laws to stop dangerous and violent repeat offenders from cycling through New Mexico’s criminal justice system and inflicting harm on innocent citizens.

  • Palabras Pinturescas: H.U. fraternities, sororities added life and fun to campus

    When the weather is cold and stormy and the days are short, many of us get to catch up on our put-aside stacks of reading materials. This includes newspapers magazines and books of all sorts. My family were and still are readers, thankfully Sweet Brother Bill and I were surrounded by reading materials of all sorts when we were kids long ago.