• Another Perspective: A Republican, and proud of it

    By Susan Tsyitee

    I have a rather impressive (sounding) place in local journalism. I am on the Editorial Board of the Optic. For the record, those of us on the board have a voice but not a vote, meaning we do not make editorial decisions as a group. This diverse group discusses anything and everything. We almost always walk away having agreed on something, in whole or in part and disagreed on others, but I have always left thinking I have been honestly heard, a privilege for which I am exceedingly grateful.

  • Just a Thought: A new world begins at Plymouth Rock

    By Rick Kraft

    It was almost 400 years ago on Nov. 19, 1620, when a group from England called Pilgrims, after a long journey across the Atlantic Ocean, first sighted land in what was later to become Cape Cod, Mass. They were traveling on a ship called the Mayflower. The ship’s captain, Christopher Jones, had been sailing west right off the map for over two months after leaving Plymouth, England on Sept. 16.

  • Lawmakers’ Perspective - It’s up to all of us to determine NM’s future

    What we do next may very well determine the fate of our state.

  • Dispatch New Mexico - Kids’ lessons learned from Trump’s rise to power

    Let’s talk about the kids in the aftermath of this presidential election.

    Little pictures have big ears, and a lot of children, according to a range of reports from all over the nation, have been frightened by Donald Trump. In Albuquerque, there are reports of kids — a lot of them children of color — coming to school afraid their parents are going to be deported. Their fears, borne out of the Trump’s aggressive rhetoric, have school officials urging parents to talk with them about it.

  • Work of Art: Little ones also matter

    In just a short week, I’ve noticed many people — including myself — “zoned out,” clearly distracted, grumpy and not very conversational. For what reason? For one thing, Hillary lost the election, preventing the United States from inaugurating its first woman president.

    The flip side of that statement is that Donald Trump won. That brings up the questions — I won’t attempt answers here — as to how and why it happened.

  • Another Perspective: Highlands remains affordable

    By Sam Minner

    The College Board recently released its list of most affordable institutions by region. Once again, Highlands University is the most affordable four-year university in New Mexico and the third most affordable four-year institution in the entire Southwest.

  • Just a Thought: Presidential wisdom through the years

    By Rick Kraft

    A few years ago, my wife and I had the opportunity to spend a week in Washington D.C. We enjoyed our visit to the nation’s capitol. While there we visited monuments, museums, the National Zoo, the White House, our Capitol building, Ford Theater, and nearby Gettysburg.

    At a gift shop in a Smithsonian museum, I bought a book entitled “I Wish I Knew That, U.S. Presidents.” The book had a couple of pages on each of our 44 Presidents.

  • Editorial Roundup - Nov. 13, 2016

    Compiled by The Associated Press

    The Dallas Morning News on why Donald Trump should be a statesman (Nov. 9):
    Congratulations, Mr. Trump. You’re hired.

    The presidency is the biggest job America has to offer, and come Jan. 20, it’s yours. We wish you every success. All of us who live in this great nation depend on strong leadership from you now.

  • Another Perspective: Our country will survive

    By M.E. Sprengelmeyer

    Could you hear the audible shrieks echoing down from every ivory tower?

    Did you feel the ground moving from a temblor in the Upper Midwest?

    Did you cover your ears when the experts of the chattering class started swearing up and down about the predictions that had gone so very, very wrong?

    And could you see the talking heads quivering like frightened bobble-head dolls when they couldn’t spin the election results back to something that fit into the same old script of a conventional blow-out for the establishment?

  • Work of Art: Whales failed to show up

    THE CARIBBEAN — When my wife, Bonnie, and I took a weeklong vacation to Belize formerly British Honduras, in northeastern Central America, we were both impressed.

    The trip came as a retirement present after 28 years of teaching at Highlands

    Never having entered Central America before, we couldn’t believe how organized the itinerary was. We flew from Houston but needed to get across to Ambergris Cay, a tiny island whose natives and tourists get around in tiny go-carts whose maximum speed is about 10 mph.