• The ‘Art’ of exaggeration

    For as long as people have existed, many have become prone to the Art of Exaggeration. Strange, but people don’t seem to minimize things with as much skill.

    Occasionally, Junior will try to convince Dad that the looming $1,000 repair bill on the family auto is “just a scratch,” but it seems that youngsters, in their zeal to get parents to “see it my way,” will balloon something as innocuous as a playground scuffle into a blitzkrieg.

    Let me explain:

  • The law of rising above

    He had been waiting for more than a year and had traveled for two days to be able to play a simple round of golf on the legendary elite golf course. It was the first hole and he was given the honor of being the first of his golfing buddies to tee off. He placed his luckiest ball squarely on the tee and planted the tee into the turf. He was sure he was going to hit his ball a country mile.

    He uncoiled and swung with all his might. But, to his chagrin, he completely missed the ball. His buddies snickered somewhat silently to themselves.

  • Las Vegas is alive with the sound of music

    Jazz, classical, country, rock, gospel? Whatever type of music gets your feet tapping or your soul soaring, you will find it here within the next three weeks. Why not save this list so you don’t miss your favorite genre or your favorite musician. Now let’s get started:

  • Who doesn’t want clean food?

    Spring is a time of new beginnings after a winter of darkness. As we go through the transition from dark to light we follow the natural cycle of agriculture as the land begins to change with new growth.

    Spring in Las Vegas brings the farmers’ markets — the coming together of farmers, organizers, consumers, friends, and neighbors; a time of planting, growing, harvesting, collecting nature’s bounty, selling, socializing and networking.

  • Day trips scattered around New Mexico

    SANTA ROSA, N.M. — There’s nothing like a good outing to bring a family together.

    If you want to go on a leisurely drive to somewhere for a daytime adventure, with some wide-eyed young’uns in tow, you certainly don’t have to leave New Mexico.

  • Too much pun-nishment

    When people laugh at a pun, they’re really just being polite, and it’s possible those who laughed didn’t catch the word play. Thus, when someone groans, that’s the sign of a clever play on words.

    A pun, according to the dictionary, is “a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word.” While in an elementary grade at Immaculate Conception School, we had a nun with a sense of humor.

  • Please celebrate me home

    By Rick Kraft

    Home. There is just something about it. When someone says “home,” what comes to your mind?

    Home is a special place. Home sweet home. It is a place that is filled with memories. A place with a history of family gatherings. It is place to retreat to, a place where you can reset before going out and facing the challenges of life again. It is a place where you can return to weather a storm.

  • Investment in school employees is gain for children

    By Patricia Mendoza and Michael Perea

    It is time to make some noise about a project that is protecting our kids in Las Vegas by reducing their exposure to pests and pesticides.

    Both Las Vegas City Schools and West Las Vegas School districts worked with NEA New Mexico and the IPM Institute of North America to train food service, custodians, and maintenance and grounds employees on Integrated Pest Management.

  • New Mexico and the world’s youth turn to climate

    When America’s youth began to rebel against the Vietnam War, it was because young men were being drafted. They were on the cutting edge of the issue, so they rose up in defiance.

    Something similar is happening now, only it’s not one particular war, nor is it just one nation’s youths. This time, it’s climate change and young people all over the world are demanding change.

  • That examination scandal

    It makes even grownups want to shed tears. As one who sat through 30 commencement exercises (including my own) at Highlands University, I’m angry over the commercialization, manipulation and ruination of what used to be sacred.

    I refer to the newly surfaced practice of affording spoiled kids admission to some very competitive colleges.