• Trump threatens to weaken Medicare Part D

    Medicare faces numerous threats in 2019. It’s time for lawmakers and healthcare advocates to attack these challenges head-on.

    One threat stems from the Trump administration, which has suggested weakening the so-called protected classes provision in Medicare “Part D.”

  • Americans and their vices

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This column originally ran in September 2015. It has been updated to reflect more recent data.

    Today’s topic is sin. I’ll try not to get preachy about it.

  • The crowd formed quickly

    Mainly at the request of our offspring and grandkids, my wife and I decided, “What the heck?” we’ll go ahead and have the TV guys provide us with what apparently the rest of Las Vegas enjoys: a variety of TV stations and programs.

    I must resist becoming even more of a couch potato, when I overdose on NBA basketball, especially when the Golden State Warriors play, or the Oakland Raiders run on to the field. Even though there’s a huge availability of programs we have handy, our tastes are extremely limited.

  • Just a thought... Close your eyes and play the ‘what if’ game

    There is a lot you can think about when you are strapped down on a gurney being flown by an ambulance plane to a heart hospital 200 miles away, expecting to have life threatening surgery upon arriving. Since this is still fresh in my mind, let me share what I thought about when I was in this situation a few weeks ago.

    I did not have any fear of death for my own sake. I knew my life was in God’s hands and He would determine what happened next. That was good enough for me. I had no desire to die, but if it was my time to change addresses, then so be it.

  • From the University President: We face headwinds in university enrollment

    Undergraduate enrollment in American colleges and universities is down for the sixth straight year. There are many reasons for this decline.

    First and foremost, many states are seeing very limited growth in the number of high school students, and some states and specific regions of states are experiencing a decline in high school population.

    A second reason for the decline pertains to the economy. Unemployment is very low in most of America right now, and it is well known that when it is easy to get a job, college attendance rates go down.

  • Turning pain and anger into humor

    Trump. Climate change. Liberals. Conservatives. Socialists. Capitalists.
    Bet you don’t think any of these charged-up words are funny, but maybe you should.

  • Steer clear of deer

    Many of us have probably seen a Facebook video about a woman unhappy over the potential danger in a semi-rural neighborhood.

    Here’s what happened:

    By her house is a highway that contains signs warning motorists of deer that often populate and congest that area. And close to those signs is a school-crossing zone.

  • Educators hope funds will be added to HB 2

    Another Perspective — by Charles Goodmacher

  • The dancer behind the mask

    Beth Speaks for Herself — by Beth Urech

    For the March 2 Rotary of Las Vegas Mardi Gras benefit, I wore a mask which garnered several comments and queries, especially on the dance floor. Before I elaborate, let me exclaim that the event was a rip-roaring success.

  • Blessed with more time to make a difference

    I have cried more this past week than any other week of my entire life. There is something about a close encounter with death that changes a person’s view of the world. Last week could have easily been your last column from me.