• Just a Thought: Being a hero doesn’t mean having to fight the bad guy

    By Rick Kraft

    Whether you are happy with what you have or unhappy because of what you don’t have, you have the same things.  We spend so much time looking right and left rather than looking inward and then outward.

    Basically, each of our lives can be seen as if we were running in our own lane as runners do on a track. There are lines on either side of us that we must not step outside of, but what we do in our own lane is what our life is all about.

  • Beth Speaks for Herself - Remembering names: If it were easy, we’d all do it

    By Beth Urech

    We meet lots of people while cruising up the Michigan coast, and it isn’t easy remembering their names. We met Chuck and Cathy on Beaver Island and then were in the ship next to their trawler in Frankfort (Michigan, not Germany.)

    Because I had connected their names with their boat name of “Carousel,” (All C’s) I could say, “Hi, Chuck and Cathy. How was your crossing?”

  • From the city: Here are the basics of preparing a city budget

    The city’s budget has recently gotten media attention, and there’s been some misunderstandings about both terminology and process regarding municipal budgets in the state of New Mexico.

    I get it. Words like “budget”  and “accounting”  make most people’s eyes glaze over. Most of us hate to even balance our checkbooks, and the work of the finance department is a little like continuously balancing an enormous, complex checkbook.

  • Another Perspective: Mora County responds to ambulance concerns

    By Paula Garcia, Chairwoman, Mora County Commission

    Tuesday, KOB-TV aired a story about the Mora County Ambulance Service. The story addressed a critical issue in Mora County regarding public safety and the availability of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the county. However, because of the brief and simplified format of the story, some vital facts were either missing or in need of clarification.

  • Dispatch New Mexico - Challenging big chunks of conventional wisdom

    Sorry, but I just don’t buy it.

    Like a lot of free thinkers, I don’t cotton to group think. So I hereby take issue with some of the “conventional wisdom” I hear from time to time.

  • Work of Art: What’s opposite of fiction?

    Back in fifth or sixth grade at Immaculate Conception School, Sister Mary Espantosa ran us through the reading curriculum by telling us that books are generally divided into two classes: fiction and non-fiction. We’d wonder: Is that all? Either it’s fiction or it’s not?

  • From your Senator: Time to open Sabinoso Wilderness to the public

    By U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich

    Fall hunting season is just around the corner, and sportsmen in northern New Mexico are eager to finally access the narrow mesas and rugged canyons of the Sabinoso Wilderness — the only legally inaccessible wilderness area in the entire nation.

    Surrounded by private land and without a legal road or trail to get there, the public has effectively been locked out of this stunning landscape that we all own.

  • Just a thought: Put trophy on the shelf and move on

    By Rick Kraft

    If you were sitting at home by your fireplace and your young child or grandchild came and sat on your knee and asked you, “What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?” how would you answer this question?

  • Hiding data hurts goverment

    The following editorial was recently published by the Silver City Daily Press.

    Recently, the Silver City Daily Press received a call from a Santa Clara resident who had been burglarized, and who told us that five other people in their neighborhood had also been victimized. That afternoon, in an effort to get the story, we submitted a public records request to the Grant County Regional Dispatch Authority, asking for the record of all calls from Santa Clara from Sunday night into Monday morning — a public record known as a police blotter.

  • Another perspective: Beware of deceptive ‘weasel words’ in politics

    The following editorial was recently published in the Roswell Daily Record.

    When you don’t get a straight answer to a simple question, that’s a red flag.

    When the expected answer should be something approximating a yes or a no, anything other than that is often indicative of deceit. Beware.