• Thanksgiving is all about the family

    If I asked you what words you would use to describe Thanksgiving, what would you come up with? I’ll bet you somewhere on your list would be family. At the heart of Thanksgiving is family. It is a good excuse to gather together with family.

  • Democrats now control New Mexico politics

    There may have been mixed results nationally, with the Democrats winning the House and the Republicans increasing their majority in the Senate, but here in New Mexico, an indisputably blue tidal wave overtook the midterm elections.

  • How's that working out?

    It's become a ritual: reading letters complaining about the twice-a-year time change. Am I the only person on the planet who welcomes that extra hour of warm-weather daylight

  • Lessons learned from a faith culture

    It is a world within our world that is different, one that can be hard to understand from the outside, but that has many attributes that make a “whole lotta” sense.

    I am talking about a group within our country that has very high family values, a strong work ethic, very deep Biblical beliefs, and who doesn’t accept government benefits. It is the Amish way of life. Like it or not, it is interesting to consider the world the Amish have chosen and how they differ from mainstream Americans.

  • Boomers did rock and roll right

    If there’s anything the baby boomers did well, it’s music. We rocked.

    Of course, rock and roll wasn’t borne entirely out of our generation. It was the byproduct of all sorts of musical genres, including and especially rhythm and blues and Southern gospel.

  • Remembering Steve Allen

    For a number of years, former Las Vegan Theresa Fulgenzi has published “Our Las Vegas,” which she describes as a “Newsletter for anyone who ever lived in Las Vegas.”

    It consists mainly of articles and photos of this area. Much of the content comes from alumni of Robertson, West Las Vegas and Immaculate Conception schools.

  • ‘Little Brown Girl’ in Las Vegas

    How wonderful to share good news: the Media Arts and Technology department’s MFA in Cultural Technology has just been approved by the HLC. This is the first new program and terminal degree to be offered at NMHU in many years.

    Last week, Aldrena Corder, a Ballen Visiting  Scholar presented a provocative talk in the McCaffrey Historic Trolley Building. In case you didn’t know, the Nina Tesla Ballen Visiting Professorship is intended to promote an energized scholastic environment among the faculty at NMHU.

  • The man, the boy and the donkey

    You just can’t please everyone. You can try, but in the end you will not succeed. If you try to please everyone, you may end up pleasing no one.

    Have you ever said, “I just can’t make everyone happy?” Sure you have. This is a line that is used to justify upsetting someone with a decision you have made that has caused someone it impacts anguish. As we maneuver through life we impact some lives positively, but we also impact some lives negatively.

  • Unseasonably strange weather a causes for concern?

    It is trying to rain as I write this in late October. I continue to wonder about just what Mother Nature has in store for us all this fall season.

  • Growing older but not necessarily wiser

    Getting old sucks. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

    OK, I’ll admit it. I’m getting there myself. I’m 62 years old — but I’ve always been about 10 years younger, in maturity, than my actual age.