• City establishes ethics, charter boards

    From the City

    I’ve been helping out for the last couple of months by acting as a secretary on a couple of city advisory bodies.

  • Sexual predators and the trash heap of history

    It seems a lot of powerful men are having to face the fact that they’re sexist pigs. Some may even be rapists.

    Maybe they thought it was all fun and games, but now they are being confronted with a new age of feminism in which unwanted sexual advances can get you ostracized, or prosecuted.

  • Opioid deaths: we must do more

    The following editorial was recently published in the Jacksonville (N.C.) Daily News.

  • They searched in ‘vein’

    Work of Art

    Although it’s now a few days past Halloween, the subject of ghosts, goblins, gore and blood are still relevant.

  • Being president requires enjoying politics

    By Mark Shields, co-host of the PBS NewsHour and formerly of Inside Washington and CNN’s Capital Gang.

    On the consensus list of the most significant American presidents following George Washington, there is a common trait. Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson and Harry Truman -- each of these great leaders was first a very good politician who actually enjoyed politics.

  • What are the questions you ask?

    Just a Thought ... By Rick Kraft

    Sometimes the answer is in the questions that you ask. What questions do you ask? What do your questions reveal about you?

    Maybe you know it all and don’t need to ask questions. Probably the most dangerous among us are those who don’t ask questions.

  • Solving the real problem

    From the Highlands President — by Dr. Sam Minner

  • Thumbs: Our high country lowdown on the news - Nov. 3, 2017


    We applaud West Las Vegas Schools for making some apparent improvements in a pair of fall-sport high school programs: football and girls soccer. With football, the evidence is in not only in how well the Dons fared against their longtime crosstown measuring tape, the Robertson Cardinals, staying in a competitive game for three quarters, but in its success throughout the season.

  • ‘Think’ report proposes a way toward better instruction

    Dispatch New Mexico

    Over the years, my two daughters attended four different elementary schools in three states, while their middle and high school years were spent here in New Mexico. Despite all our moving around, I think they’re no worse for the wear, as their success beyond their primary and secondary educations indicates.

    As for their old man, I think I gained some parental insight into what makes some schools better than others, including this: It’s the principals who turn schoolhouses into true facilities were learning.

  • Forty-nine cents can be a half dollar

    A penny was a lot in my youth. As a child, I used to count each one, hoping the number would increase.

    Something like that happened when I was around 10 and considered myself the Rockefeller of Railroad Avenue. I was one of zillions of Optic sellers. If I sold 10 copies each day, I’d go home expecting some car company to have delivered my brand new Lamborghini.