• Just a thought: Change the system to change the results

    Insanity has been defined as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” This quote has been attributed to several famous people including Albert Einstein and Ben Franklin. 

  • Beth Speaks for Herself: Crossing the Plains to Chicago

    As we headed east from Mount Rushmore, we began seeing billboards flaunting compelling reasons to stop at Wall Drug: Free Ice Water, Six Foot Rabbit, Levis, Western Decor, Burgers.

    When I suggested we stop, Mark smiled: “It’s already programmed on my GPS.” 

  • Another Perspective: Las Vegas history crumbles around us

    By Allan Affeldt

    Recently the front of a beautiful building on Grand Avenue collapsed. It had been abandoned for many years. It was for sale but the price was a fantasy, several times what it was worth. 

  • Dispatch New Mexico: Recycling is falling by the wayside

    Recycling has always been a feel-good issue for the casual environmentalist, but it’s turning out to be even less than that.

    It’s becoming less practical and affordable. Silver City and Taos are just two New Mexico examples of how solid waste authorities are finding it too costly to recycle — and a big part of the problem, it turns out, is China cleaning up its act.

  • Work of Art: You can’t beat N.M. chile

    When we were quite young, our paternal grandmother, who lived near Coyote Creek, passed away in the early ‘40s, we Trujillos needed to make a number of adjustments.

    We lived and grew up in a house on Railroad Avenue (which we all call “Tough Street”). Uncle Juan, a life-long bachelor and army veteran, who had lived with his mother, came to stay with us, on Railroad Avenue.

  • What’s my heritage anyway?

    After almost 20 years of writing “Work of Art,” I believe it’s time to introduce myself. But let’s dispense with what my mother, the late Marie Trujillo, must have considered me. Despite what Mom often said, I am not a swine.

  • Living life as a damaged product

    Each of us woke up today with a history. We have a background or a path we have walked that leads us to today. No two of us have walked the same path. We were each made unique and we remain unique.

    We have all been damaged on our journey. We live life as damaged products.

  • My American Journey of Discovery

    What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than a 1,650-mile road trip, not from “sea to shining sea” but from Meadow City to Lake Michigan? But not directly. First we’ll stop in Boulder, Colorado, to stay with the wonderful Spillmann family and take in “Twelfth Night” at Colorado University Summer Theatre. Then we will wend our way up to Keystone, S.D., for a good look at Mount Rushmore. Sounds like an ideal way to see four of America’s most important presidents in one fell swoop.

  • Las Vegas Renaissance?

    A few days ago, my wife and I marked our four-year anniversary as residents of Las Vegas, New Mexico and my four-year tenure as President of New Mexico Highlands University. From my perspective, I’ve moved from total newbie to one not quite so new. I hardly think of myself as a long-term resident with deep family ties to this place, but I can now find my way to my own office, can locate some restaurants in town, and know all too well the road to Santa Fe and


    I have a few impressions.

  • At least that ballplayer was ‘gentlemanly’

    By Don McDonald, The Communicator

    When I was in medical school, the first two years were mainly a lot of bookwork.

    Starting the third year, you get into a lot more clinical experiences, which included a rotation in obstetrics and gynecology.