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  • ‘When pigs fly’ quote inspires local artist

    It was during the tenure of then-Gov. Gary Johnson that he popularized the expression having to do with flying pigs.

    The former Republican governor of New Mexico had already told the public about the minuscule chances of his signing a bill crafted by Democrats. And when did he say he’d sign the bill, making it law?

    “When pigs fly!”

    A local artisan, Jose Florencio Chavez — everybody knows him as “Curly,” given his long handlebar mustache — a man who has taken advantage of the flying pigs metaphor for years.

  • Forest / wildfire update, July 6: Monsoons arrive, minimize fire growth

    With heavy rains, the Sardinas Canyon Fire’s  behavior was minimal Thursday, with smoldering and creeping fire behavior, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

    Firefighters removed the structural protection around the La Junta Summer homes. Carson National Forest will remain closed indefinitely due to the continued high risk of fire, falling debris and potential flooding. Patience is appreciated.

    The main route affected by the 2,300-acre fire is Highway 518, which runs between Mora County and Taos.

  • Cocina ‘está abierta’ at Luna

    Las Vegas Optic reports

    A delightful smell of sun-ripened raspberries wafts through La Cocina Commercial Kitchen on the campus of Luna Community College.

    All they need to do is follow their nose to find Pam Abreu, her son Adrian, and sister-in-law Denise Abreu totally concentrated on the task at hand: the commercial production of raspberry jam and topping for La Cueva Farm (formerly Salman Ranch). 

  • Qué Pasa, Sunday, June 24, 2018

    Sunday, July 8
    Rev. Laurie Lyter Bright, Executive Director of Pilgrims of Ibillin, will make a presentation on this peace and reconciliation through education agency in Israel and Palestine in the Fellowship Hall of First United Presbyterian Church, 1000 Douglas, at 12:30 p.m.  A light lunch will be served at noon. There is no charge; the public is welcome to attend.

    Monday, July 9

  • Tell Pearce, Udall we need the Chief

    In 1899, the Hotel Castañeda needed a railroad nearby in order to get started. In 2019, the hotel will need a railroad in order to get started again.

    It’s no secret that northeastern New Mexico’s economy is struggling. Many businesses throughout the region are fighting for their lives as area cities and villages shrink in population.

    It’s a trend playing out in rural areas across the nation as more people flock to big cities in search of jobs.

  • How to handle the drama in your life

    “I don’t need all of your drama!” Why would a person say this? Is there someone you think of when you read this line? Would you like more or less drama in your life tomorrow?

    Do you know a drama queen? Have you ever stopped and ask the question,

    “Why is there so much drama in his or her life?” There are people out there who just attract drama. They are drama magnets. Drama just follows them around. Their life is a roller coaster ride with highs followed by lows. Their existence is off balance and unstable.

  • Reading for justice in Palestine

    It is easy to be swayed by individual views on the very complex Palestine-Israeli conflict, my thoughts as I read the commentaries appearing in the Optic on the recent violence directed toward Palestinians by the Israeli military during Gaza’s Great March of Return.

    Palestinians want to return to their ancestral homes in Palestine from which they or family members were evicted by Israel.

  • State needs to stand up for Anton Chico

    The following editorial was recently published in the Guadalupe County Communicator.

    A recent petition opposing the transfer of water rights to a wealthy oilman who bought a ranch upstream from Anton Chico should get the governor’s attention, if she isn’t in someone’s hip pocket already.

    Gov. Susana Martinez has been a friend to the oil and gas industry since before she was elected in 2010 — and no wonder.

  • Editorial cartoon, Sunday, July 8, 2018

    Editorial cartoon, Sunday, July 8, 2018.

  • Rotary golf event July 21

    The Rotary Club of Las Vegas is sponsoring the Charlie Goddard Classic golf tournament Saturday, July 21, at Pendaries Golf Course in Rociada.

    Players and hole sponsors are being sought. Proceeds fund projects, programs and scholarships.

    Call Sharon, 426-0108, or get applications from Rotary members.