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  • Homecoming fun at Mora High

    Carmelita Sanchez photos/For the Optic

    It’s Homecoming week at Mora High, where fun activities abound.

    Contests ranged from throwing Cheetos to stick in the whipped cream on a classmate's face to a game of “Hungry Hippos.”

    The Mora girls and boys basketball teams are set to host Peñasco in Saturday's Homecoming games, with the first contest at 1 p.m. 





  • House votes to repeal criminal law on abortion

    Following three hours of impassioned testimony and debate, the state House of Representatives late Wednesday voted 40-29 to repeal a 50-year-old law that made it a fourth-degree felony to perform an abortion in New Mexico.

  • Animal stories at Carnegie
  • Governor orders withdrawal of Guard troops at the border

    New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham ordered the withdrawal Tuesday of most National Guard troops who have been deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border, reversing a decision by her Republican predecessor.

    The Democratic governor, who directed other states to pull their Guard troops out, too, announced her decision just before Republican President Donald Trump delivered a State of the Union address in which he continued to push for the construction of a wall along the border -- one of his signature campaign promises.

  • After pushback, sponsor revamps lottery reform bill

    Wednesday, State Sen. Jacob Candelaria amended his controversial bill on the state lottery, adding a guarantee that at least $40 million a year from ticket sales would go for college scholarships.

    His initial proposal would have eliminated a section of state law requiring that 30 percent of gross lottery revenues be turned over each month for scholarships.

  • Lawmaker aims to ease burden for independents who plan run for office

    If you wanted to run for governor as an independent last year, you would have needed to get more than 15,000 registered voters to sign a petition to get your name on the ballot.

    It was a nearly impossible goal.

    New Mexico law sets a high bar for independent candidates to even qualify for an election.

    A new state legislator wants to make it easier for independents to run for office by slashing the number of signatures they need to file with election officials.

  • Legislative roundup, Feb. 8

    Legislative roundup, Feb. 7:

    Days remaining in session, as of Thursday morning: 37

    Heralding hope: Citing sobering statistics about the abuse and neglect of children in the state of New Mexico, Attorney General Hector Balderas told a joint session of the House of Representatives and Senate on Wednesday that he was there “to remind us all that we are all tired ... of the headlines, we’re tired of the tragedies, we’re tired of asking why and how this could have been prevented?

  • Krebs, former AD at UNM, charged with fraud, laundering

    ALBUQUERQUE  — Former University of New Mexico athletic director Paul Krebs, who left in 2017 amid questions over spending, was charged Wednesday with fraud, money laundering and other felonies, state prosecutors said.

  • NMSP: Woman who crashed with kids in SUV was high

    A Las Vegas woman has been charged with child abuse and DWI after police say she was high on marijuana when she was involved in a multi-vehicle crash with two children in the vehicle.

  • Thumbs Our high country lowdown on the news - Feb. 8, 2019


    The heavy snow and temperature dips of this winter have produced the inevitable faster decay of pavement in and around Las Vegas — and the conversations that go with it.