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  • Ex-leader back at Luna as lobbyist

    Former Luna Community College President Leroy “Huero” Sanchez, who left suddenly as president more than a year ago, has come back.

    Sanchez was recently hired in a part-time, temporary capacity to serve as Luna’s lobbyist at the state Legislature. He will work through the end of the session in February; the Legislature will convene in mid-January.

    Interim President Sigfredo Maestas said the job will total around $22,000, amounting to about $5,000 a month.

  • Aiming for Fairness

    The Robertson Cardinals will host Las Vegas Bowl XLVII Saturday. That game involves the responsibility of coming up with a design for a T-shirt for the occasion.

    Freshman Amy King doesn’t consider herself an artist but said she likes to draw and is fascinated by the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang, which represents the ancient Chinese understanding of how things work.

    “I really love yin-yang so I put it on the shirt, and I think it’s cool because it makes them both equal so people from both East and West can enjoy the T-shirt,” King said.

  • Grandparents, and How They Shape Your Life (Even if They Arent There)

    My grandpa was a strong man with eyes that changed colors according to what he wore. He was born Dave Patrocinio Romero and was raised in the area known as EL Cherry, between Romeroville and Los Montoyas.

  • Ex-West director's hearing delayed

    The state wants to revoke the teacher’s license held by Roberta Vigil, West Las Vegas’ former bilingual director. But it may take awhile.

    For the second time, a state hearing officer has delayed the hearing for Vigil, who also has been indicted in connection with alleged wrongdoing in the bilingual program.

    A hearing was originally scheduled for August, then was delayed to Monday. Now it is set for March 25, more than four months away.

  • East district checks its heating systems

    Maintenance crews have been busy checking heating systems at the Las Vegas City Schools to make sure they are ready for winter, the superintendent said Monday.

    Pete Campos, in a telephone interview from Memorial Middle School, said that particular school was comfortable and that room temperatures have been at 68 degrees, the mandated level at the City Schools. He said he hasn’t heard about anything “out of the ordinary.”

  • Sanchez defends city on gas issues

    Mayor Henry Sanchez on Monday called a form letter asking the city to give customers reimbursements for alleged overcharges for natural gas a “halloween trick.”

    He also lashed out at former Mayor Matt Martinez, blaming his political rival, in part, for high heating bills.

    A couple of weeks ago, KMDZ DJ Charli Otero started circulating a form letter to customers requesting the city recalculate their bills from January 2006 to the present and immediately refund or credit any overpayments found.

  • Moore may enter mayoral race

    City Councilman Diane Moore said she is looking at the possibility of running for mayor next year, arguing that the city needs a change in leadership.

    In an interview last week, Moore said she has “opened the door” to entering the mayoral race. The election is in March.

  • Singer instructs West students

    The West Las Vegas Choir was treated to a clinic given by a renowned music teacher and singer who has performed as a soloist in a wide variety of roles worldwide from opera to Broadway.

    Jeanie Ornellas is a 2007-08 New Mexico Educators Hall of Fame recipient and has been teaching choral music education at Eastern New Mexico University since 1983. She has also been judging All-State choir auditions for the past 23 years.

    Last week, she got right to work showing students breathing techniques and practice drills that would help them become better singers and performers.

  • Students protest employee's firing

    A group of students on Friday showed up at Luna Community College with signs containing a simple message — bring back students services counselor Hans Kuss.

    Last week, interim President Sigfredo Maestas fired Kuss, who was a candidate for Luna president. Kuss’ termination letter stated that he was being let go for insubordination.

    The students at first decided to hold up their signs just outside the school administration building. A few minutes after they showed up, Maestas walked outside to shake their hands.

  • Leaders focus on workforce

    Six months after the first Education Workforce Summit was convened to come up with ideas on what it would take to make Las Vegas the smartest workforce in New Mexico, the group held its second such meeting last week to carry out the ideas.

    Hosted by the Las Vegas-San Miguel Economic Development Corporation, people worked on putting recommendations into action. Ninety percent of those attending the first summit agreed that the goal of having the smartest workforce in the state is achievable.