Today's News

  • City government to pay much more to chamber

    The Chamber of Commerce is getting a big increase in money from the city.

    The City Council this week approved a contract for the next fiscal year that amounts to $192,000, which is up from last year’s $105,000.

    Some of that increase is because of the transfer of an events coordinator position from the city government to the chamber, amounting to $35,000. The remaining increase of more than $50,000 in the chamber’s budget is part of what its leaders call an ambitious effort to market Las Vegas regionally.

  • Local court has 1,532 warrants

    Las Vegas’ Municipal Court has 1,532 outstanding warrants — and little is being done to reduce that number because of a lack of manpower, officials say.

    “This has become a monster,” Municipal Judge Eddie Trujillo said. “The warrants haven’t been reduced at all. I signed 50 more today.”

    The pile of warrants may sound like a big number to many, but it’s not entirely unusual.

  • Why character counts

    My take on the Character Counts program is about developing a whole person. As an educator and adviser, it is my goal to empower people to develop character.

    Character is not something that happens by accident, rather it is a continual development. We must live the life oc character, no matter whether it is popular or liked ... it is never too late to do the right thing. Character becomes more possible when it is by modeled by others, perhaps all of us.

  • Suspect's transcript: 'I did it. I did it'

    One of the women accused of killing an 83-year-old man last year admits on tape that she was to blame, saying she wanted to take the man’s money to buy drugs, according to a transcript.

    Tom Clayton, a prosecutor with the district attorney’s office, states in a pleading before the court that he may present a transcript at trial in which Jessica Livingston, 24, takes responsibility for the injuries that led to the death of Jose Apodaca in June 2007.

    Livingston’s trial is set for next month.

  • Ex-cop pleads no contest in attack

    A former Las Vegas police officer has pleaded no contest to a charge that he attacked another man at a bar during a Christmas party.

    Steven Gutierrez, 25, who left the police force months ago, entered a plea agreement to a misdemeanor charge of aggravated battery, according to court records. The charge was reduced from aggravated battery whereby death or great bodily harm could be inflicted.

  • Co-host considering whether to accept KFUN offer

    KFUN recently canceled its liberal talk show, saying its host was “too opinionated” and had a sarcastic attitude.

    But the station wants to keep the program’s co-host, who has expressed an interest in staying with KFUN.

    Bernard Schaer, host of “The Bernard Schaer Show,” was told by station owner Joseph Baca a couple of weeks ago that he should turn in his keys because the station was ending his show.

  • City OKs housing project at 11th hour

    The Las Vegas City Council had no idea before a meeting Wednesday that it would be considering a big construction project for the housing authority.

    And that was a matter of controversy. But in the end, the council unanimously approved a $215,000 contract to replace the roofs of 21 buildings in the authority. Las Vegas-based Rudolph Construction was the low bidder, beating six other companies during a bid opening Tuesday, officials said.

  • Mechanic accused of beating customer

    A mechanic shop owner is accused of attacking a man who owes him money.

    Michael Romero, who turned 32 Saturday, faces a number of charges in the attack, which took place at his business, Michael’s Precision Automotive, 514 Commerce St., police said.

    Last Monday afternoon, Romero visited Slim’s Tattoo Shop and asked the alleged victim if he had the $1,300 that he owed Michael’s Precision for car repairs, according to a criminal complaint filed in Magistrate Court.

  • Highlands plans renovations, green projects

    Highlands University’s five-year capital outlay priorities include the remodeling of the media arts building, renovation of the old Las Vegas hospital property and the old trolley building, and the going-green initiative that aims to make the campus energy efficient.

    The Board of Regents approved the plan at its meeting last week.

  • Longtime radio host leaves airwaves

    Cipriano Aguilar quietly disappeared from the airwaves two months ago — no goodbyes, no farewell shows, no reminiscences.

    After 46 years with KFUN, Aguilar said he decided to leave and gives his keys to station owner Joseph Baca in May. For years, he hosted a show playing Spanish music on Sunday afternoons, becoming a fixture on Las Vegas radio.

    Aguilar said he had disagreements with Baca but didn’t want to say what they were because he promised to be positive about his departure.